Refurbished Wyze Air Purifier - 6/20/2023

You want more products,

How about a refurbished Wyze Air Purifier? Comes with a random filter (you don’t select it) but the filters are always brand new. Now you can get all the goodness of Wyze Air Purifier at an even more affordable price! :wind_blowing_face:


That’s great! I love that Wyze is adding more refurbished versions of products!


@WyzeJasonJ the information you shared is incorrect. And because of the web page for the refurbished unit, it is not clear if the filter or the box label will be random. The actual answer to my best understanding and experience is -

The external box labeling has a random filter label (Allergen, Smoke, or Formaldehyde) but the new filter inside is always the Allergen filter. I confirmed with this a support specialist before I made 3 purchases of the refurbished Air Purifier. I did get random box labels across the 3 units I received but they all had the Allergen filter.

  • I hope this helps someone on their decision.

I own 3 refurbished Wyze Air Purifiers. The first one I unboxed I was pleased with the quiet fan on the lowest setting. The second one I unboxed has a fan rattle on the lowest setting. My wife thinks it is fine for our Kitchen area, but I’ve tried it in a small bedroom and I do find it annoying. If it was just white noise I think I could deal with it but it is a low volume rotating fan rattle. I decided to try a third refurbished unit and this unit sounds even louder rattle than unit 2. It is still a low volume sound but it isn’t white noise and it isn’t whisper quiet. I tried unit 3 in our den. Too rattly to start a nap…After a few hours plugged in on Auto (and always on the lowest fan setting), my wife noticed what she described as a “burning electronics / circuits smell”. I too noticed this smell. Not strong like burned toast but strong enough that she demanded I remove it promptly :smiley: You do NOT want your air purifier PRODUCING smells! I unplugged the unit and brought it downstairs to give it “another try”. I left it running all day and did not smell any circuits smells. The fan rattle however persists.

My next attempt may be to by a brand new air purifier and see if the fan is quiet or rattles also?! I am very tempted to carefully disassemble a refurbished unit and see if there’s a spot where some WD-40 drops might change the noise from rattle to near silent like the first unit which I was very pleased with.

Any thoughts from the Wyze Air Purifier Refurbishing Team?

Guess those weren’t “refurbished” after all.