Wyze allergen filters

It’s bad enough that I have waited ONE YEAR to order replacement allergen air filters for my Wyze air purifier, but to add insult to injury, I ordered them on the Wyze site and they cancelled my order! First they said my bank cancelled it. I called my bank and proved this was a lie. Then they said they sold them, even when none were in stock? Isn’t that fraud ?
I spent hours with their customer service team who did no more than read scripts given to them.
I want allergen ones, but I’ll accept other ones and they won’t even work with me. I just won’t pay more for their mistakes.
I was one of the original customers and I have watched the company go down hill.
Very sad and time to give up on Wyze, throw away their junk and find another better business. I suggest everyone else does the same.
The only way they’ll care is if it costs them significant amounts of money.

You should’ve received an email about it at least a couple of days ago.

Context matters. If there is logistical error or glitch in some system, and the company then refunds the money, it’s not related to fraud which is “wrongful criminal deception INTENDED to result in financial or personal gain.” In this case, none of that applies (no deception intended and no financial gain

Sounds like a representative who skipped reading over the updates/announcements they should have read before starting their shift. I worked customer service when I was going through college. People often skipped reading over announcements the company put out and then they’d give out wrong information just like this. It sounds like this rep needs coaching. If you post your support ticket number I will be sure to get that to someone to help ensure that rep gets the coaching they need. I’m sure they just assumed the bank denied payment because that’s usually what it is, but they shouldn’t have assumed. This rep should get corrected with some coaching.

This is fairly standard in customer service. I worked for several fortune 500 companies in the early 2000’s and most of them were doing this even back then. The problem is that when companies don’t do this, then service is inconsistent and lots of things don’t get done the same way or many things get missed. As horrible of an experience as a standardized scripting and procedures are, it is often way worse when there is no standardization. I’ve seen it both ways. I used to have to QA calls from other reps and some of them were so horrible when a script or standardization wasn’t involved. Customers hated the inconsistency overall so much worse. It’s kind of like the old addage about how Democracy is the worst form of government…except for every other form of government that has ever been tried so far.

Sorry to hear that. I know they have been in stock at least 3-4 times in the last year since I have bought some. I really think Wyze needs to do a better job at letting us get notifications when something comes in stock, and ensuring there is enough to meet demand. Hopefully they will improve this whole filter situation, especially with the higher demand for the allergen fitlers. I did notice that this shipment of filters came only a month or 2 since the last shipment, so many they are coming more often now and we’ll get another one soon. :crossed_fingers:

Anyway, I don’t work for or represent Wyze, but if you give me your support ticket number for the rep that told you your bank canceled your order, I will make sure that rep gets the proper coaching.

The ticket number is: 363-3880

Thank you for looking that up. I will push that up through some backchannels I have for exactly this kind of situation where a rep needs particular coaching. Your feedback will be helpful for that so that everyone’s experience can be better over the long run. Thank you for taking the time to share your frustration and feedback.

I actually never received an email saying they cancelled my order. It was only because I saw the refund on my bank statement that I knew they had.
I believe that too is a serious mistake.
Bottom line, it’s many errors concurrently and they should try and “make it right.” Isn’t that what good customer service is all about?
I asked for another filter at the same price. Their response was they don’t bargain, the price is set.

In my opinion here are their errors:

  1. Selling the filters when there were none available.
  2. Saying I cancelled the order when I did not.
  3. Refusing to escalate it to a supervisor including their promise to send me follow up emails which were not sent.
  4. Continuing to sell the air purifier without disclosing the lack of replacement filters.
  5. Not disclosing that they continued to sell filters and then needing to cancel orders. ( This is not the same as #1)
  6. Not having a method in place to notify customers when filters are in stock.

This list is not exhaustive, however I believe most people would agree there truly is a problem here.
Wyze sent out a letter touting their successes and to me this is rubbing salt into the wounds.

I do thank you for your help! I wish their customer service department was equally helpful.

I’m not disagreeing with the following 2 points that they should improve on, I just have some information on 2 points I’ll add some slight clarification to:

They did actually have a bunch available when they started selling them. I even know people who received them. The problem is that they presumably oversold them somehow. I would guess some kind of glitch that I’m sure they’ve resolved since 1) it’s never happened before, and 2) it did end up updating to sold out now. Allowing processed orders to continue when stock runs out is something I’ve seen happen accidentally with other companies too. I don’t understand how/why it happens though. Maybe someone mistyped the wrong number in the computer when they were entering how much stock came in for something, or maybe when they processed some orders they discovered some of the boxes of filters they accounted for turned out to be too damaged to sell/ship out and had to cancel them for that reason. That would actually be a fairly reasonable reason to me. But if that’s the case, they could probably offset that by always listing to sell a few less to account for any damaged ones they’ll have to discard. IDK. Regardless of the reason, if it was an error, it absolutely needs to be fixed ASAP. So I am not disagreeing with this being an issue that they need to address/fix to not be a future problem.

Just to clarify, they did actually send an email out to notify customers this time. I think that’s the main reason they sold out so much faster than normal this time. I got one of the emails:

However, I believe this email was sent by the marketing team, and not by us asking to be notified. I think it would be better if, when something is sold out, they allowed us to click “Email me when this is back in Stock” like we’ve been able to do with other products in the past. I am not sure why that isn’t an option for these, but it really needs to be.

I do agree they should make some improvements with the air filters. Keeping the allergen filters in stock better would be the primary thing that would likely resolve the majority of other frustrations people have. Hopefully they will make that as a priority.

In the meantime, while you wait, I found something that helped me a ton to extend the usefulness of my current filters. I vacuum them out a couple of times before I replace them (I have some spare filters, I just like to extend the life of my filters so I am not spending as much money). Check out the difference of this one that is halfway vacuumed down the seam:

Before & After is a big difference for me:

Definitely not as good as a brand-new filter, but it can help a little while you’re waiting for a replacement to vacuum out the outer-layer pre-filter so it allows more suction to come through it again for a while. :+1:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: