Wyze Air Purifier Filters

I had noticed those lugs in the product photos, but I was naively hoping maybe it was just a way they had modified a prior filter they created to fit the width of the Wyze housing so it wouldn’t rattle or anything. Such a bummer that these don’t fit. Hopefully they’ll either get back to your question with one that actually fits, or Wyze will start stocking them. I just want the standard allergen filter without paying 40% more for them via Amazon. That was kind of the point of buying the Wyze air purifier vs other brands was their lower ongoing costs.

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A Pureburg rep replied and said these will fit.

Should have them in about 10 days. Will report back then.


That image looks MUCH more promising, though the dimensions listed below it are definitely not correct if it does fit. :man_shrugging: Thank you for being the guinea pig

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I love how they have the air purifier on sale right now and you can’t get the filter refills!


Right!? Talk about a lame company. I think the Wyze founders are sitting back reading this thread and laughing, because they duped us. Had they found a supplier in the US instead of China, then they probably wouldn’t be out of stock so much. Or better yet they could have designed the Air Purifier with a more common filter so we could get it some where else. But no, they wanted us to only buy filters from them. Now everyone has this machine that are running with dirty filters in them and basically just costing us money to run and is not filtering anything.

Instead of cutting the filter you could have done a temp mod on the Air Purifier. Make a cardboard base and painters tape it to the Purifier bottom. Wouldn’t look pretty but you’d at least get some use out of the filters.

But it really sucks when companies advertise products to work with other products, when in fact they don’t. Are they a Chinese company perhaps?

We have a match! these fit perfectly.

The lugs are actually the same size as the outside diameter of the Wyze filter.

Length and width are the same.


Wonderful news! It seems like your wyze filter was still doing good based on the air sensor images you sent, hopefully the replacement will operate competitively. I should get one or a few of those sensors myself.

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That is awesome!! Thanks so much for all you’ve done to find us replacements!!!


Thanks so much for finding these! Definitely going to get a few and going to share this with others I know who have been trying to find a new filter alternative!


I replaced the filter last week with a new Wyze filter.

Well, they’re finally back in stock! Last April I signed up to get a filter sent to me every 6 months. Come October, we all know what happened. Today, I logged into my account to see my subscription had been suspended. I contacted Wyze to see why because I didn’t do it and was told it was suspended because they were out of stock. Would have been nice if Wyze would have notified me. Here I thought I would be one of the first to get the filters when they came back in stock and they had cancelled my subscription. If you had previously subscribed for air filter replacements, you better check your subscription to see if it’s active.

If they are back in stock then why hasn’t Wyze fulfilled my subscription yet? If they cancelled my subscription without telling me, then that’s a bad move!

That’s what they did to me! Cancel left without telling me!

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Welp, I placed an order for the allergen filter when you guys mentioned it was back, and it got cancelled today because they didn’t have enough stock. I’m sure it’ll be another 6-10 months before it comes back

I don’t know what’s worse…thinking you have a subscription and you don’t, reinstating a subscription but not getting a filter shipped out immediately or placing an order than then a few days later getting an email it was cancelled. Bad business all the way around.

It’s available on Amazon (sold by Wyze) for $10 more than my order cost with shipping included…so I think I see where their stock went. :roll_eyes:

Amazon is now $49.88 for the Standard. When Wyze gets the filters in stock again, they need to offer them to subscribers first and then limit the amount that can be bought to the general public.

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They’ve stayed in stock on Amazon for several months, but most people don’t want to buy them there because of the Mark-up costs to make up for all Amazon’s fees for everything.

How does Amazon get the filters when Wyze filler subscribers can’t?