Air Purifier Alternative Filter?

While that’s true, it’s also true that the more dirty the outer filter gets, the more it can trap smaller particles.

I thought about this…I had one that was REALLY covered! Check this out!

Right side - just vacuumed
Left side = before vacuuming

That is because we have been remodeling our home, so it’s been sucking up a ton of dust from that.
But I started thinking that if I let the prefilter get TOO covered up, then it makes it hard to get as much airflow, and then the Air Purifier isn’t sucking in new air from as far away as it otherwise would, and thus all it does is circulate some of the close air because it is not as powerful in some senses. :thinking: At least that seems logical.

So I am currently leaning toward thinking that it is better to just keep the prefilter as clean as possible so that it can pull in way more air more strongly and from farther away and work more efficiently in that sense, and even when it gets as covered up as mine was, I"m guessing the covered up prefilter layer is still as effective at capturing smaller particles as the inside Activated carbon filter anyway, so it probably doesn’t actually make enough of a difference in that sense, and it might actually make it worse by reducing the amount of suction toward the air purifier, thus bring less tiny stuff out of the air than it would if it wasn’t as clogged up and the tiny particles got sucked into the internal filter more often. The more airflow, the better in that sense.

At least that is the thought process I am currently leaning toward. I fully submit I have not actually researched it and I could be incorrect.

Anyone have a more “used up” prefilter to post images for? Maybe we can have a contest! :rofl:


It is true that when the outer filter gets that dirty, it will cause the motor to work harder and the filter won’t filter any if at all.

In your case because you’re remodeling the inside of your house I wouldn’t even run your Wyze Air Purifier because it will dirty filters too quickly. I’d just get a box fan and duct tape a box filter to the inlet side, as that would be way less expensive.


I do not know. I can make speculations both ways. My primary guess is that it doesn’t necessarily strain the fan motor significantly more, it just doesn’t have as much suction toward the device anymore.

@Seapup would be the guy I would ask about it since he has actually used some HVAC testing equipment to test the differences and would have a much better analysis than my deduction.

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Unfortunately, my HVAC tech neighbor relocated before I could complete testing. I did find out that using a shopvac to suck as much as possible out from the outside through the foam, bathe in mild Dawn/water solution, rinse from inside out and air dry for a week works well for the allergen filter down to ~0.6 microns. I’ve been testing with 2 allergen filters and am currently on the 3rd washing each. Downsides… removal of VOCs (gasses) is nil after the 1st wash, most likely due to saturated active carbon. Tech said contrary to popular myth, the only way to reclaim the granular carbon is baking at 400F+ which isn’t possible without destroying the filter. Also, the effectivity time of particulate removal after 1st washing is cut in half so you can’t rely on the app/AP display for filter change notification. There appeared to be no difference in performance between 1st, 2nd and 3rd washing. I’m about 1 month away from the 4th washing, but I no longer have the equipment to gauge effectiveness so I’m now stuck with relying on qualitative observation vs quantitative data from a professional AQ meter/datalogger to determine when I need to change the filter.


I strongly agree with @krsexton on this. My replacement filter was due to ship in September, here it is middle of November and still getting notices of out-of-stock. While I really do like the filter machine itself, and I was thinking of getting another, that just isn’t going to happen. This problem is a FATAL FLAW that is driving me to other manufactures to replace the whole filter unit. Very disappointing!
Also, since this is not a small issue, I would be interested in hearing from WYZE on the status of the situation. Give us some feedback. What’s the problem? What is the likely hood of this situation resolving. Realistic timeline?

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Welcome @gordon.reno , can you let us know which filters you are looking for?

off hand I can’t tell you the type. It is what ever comes with the subscription to automatically come each 6 months. I guess that would be the “standard”

Was asking because you can get the filters from Amazon. Not sure what the holdup is, but I will see if I can find something out.

thank you - that would be appreciated – if you find out the subscript refill is no longer a valid service, please let me know.

Absolutely will