Replacement Dust Bin for the Robot Vacuum

I accidently broke the lid to my dust bin on the robo vac… should be able to order a replacement. Help

More spare parts should be offered by Wyze. Why always replace everything if a power cord is bad?


Correction: this dust bin does not fit.

Thanks! Really appreciate it

Part doesn’t fit not correct dust bin.


Are there any options to buy a replacement part for the dustbin or compatible parts?

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We broke ours also and need a replacement, if anyone finds one, thanks!

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C’mon Wyze, we should be able to buy some dust bin replacement. It’s not so hard to sell those parts.


Welcome to the community @strogg

what happened to your existing dust bin?

Thank you @spamoni!!

The fine mesh that protect the HEPA filter got broke.

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Ahhh. Was hoping it was the door or cover. That is easier.

I am a community member as you, I would contact Wyze by phone.

Will see what I can find.

Please note New Washable Vacuum Dust Bin Box+HEPA Filter For MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner | eBay does not fit the Wyze RoboVac it is a tad tool long.

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Please add a Dust Bin to the parts users can order. Willing to purchase it.

The hinge on the door broke. Wyze support sent an entire replacement vacuum and a shipping label to return ours with, but that is a huge waste and I would rather spend 30 seconds snapping in a new bin then 30 minutes mapping and reconfiguring No-Go zones. Why waste hardware with a very replaceable part? Sorry, but that is pretty silly IMO.


I have been thinking of some DIY ideas to repair the mesh of the dustbin filter.

  • Covering the tear with tape and sealing it with super glue.

  • Making a sleeve for the dustbin with fine fabric to collect any dust that leak trough the tear in the mesh filter ( )

Any other ideas about how to address this problem? Would it be possible to 3D print a custom part that could use a a fabric filter instead ?

Thinking out loud … how about nylons or pantyhose? Cut a piece and lay it in the recess where the replaceable filter goes then snap the filter it. This is better than nothing. A nylon might not be the best but you get the idea.

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A paint strainer bag is another option, TomG’s method sounds good.

Don’t buy this recommendation as it’s NOT the right part
Just wasted time and money and this post should be removed

My source was obviously incorrect. My apologies for passing along bad information. I edited the original post.

Ours has worn too and needs to be replaced. I’m happy to buy one. Why they don’t offer them is beyond me.