Replacement Dust Bin for the Robot Vacuum

As we’ve found out here, “Vacuum Mop P” are the important keywords when searching aliExpress (looks like a good source of compatible parts).

For example,

Has anyone ordered and received this? I got one just now. There is no HEPA screen filter. There is no lid to open. The side view is different. When I put it in the vac, there was no message the bin was installed.

The AliExpress ad shows an open lid. I was unable to see any hinges or pivots.


Is that from the exact listing I posted earlier? Their photos look perfect, but you appear to have gotten something inferior.

The sense magnet is in the HEPA filter, any difference in alignment/orientation will prevent detection. (did you install the hepa filter?)

This bin probably would work fine for me (if it can even be detected by the WRV). I just suck the bin out using another vac. I don’t open it and the screen eventually clogs anyways and then I have to remove the HEPA filter to finish cleaning it.

The photo on the AliExpress shows a dust bin with the door open.

This dust bin does not have any way to open it. No hinges or pivot points.

I was unaware the magnet was in the replaceable filter. Will check that tomorrow.

Added later
I started a dispute with AliExpress. If clear photos and a detailed explanation are given, they usually will issue a refund.

I have had several other issues with stores on AliExpress.

Another example

The ad is misleading. It mentions ‘case’ several times, but this photo would make anyone assume it is a monitor.



This listing is being upfront about it.

I am still arguing with the AliExpress store. The ad clearly shows an open dust bin.

I hit ‘Buy Now’ assuming what was on the image was what I was receiving.

This will be the third issue I have had with AliExpress.

I bought what I thought was a monitor…

There is no monitor in the box. Inside is a case for a monitor. I could buy a complete monitor from another AliExpress store for another $15.00

Something else AliExpress does is make you think they are selling a bunch of tools for a ridiculously low price.

An example

You are buying a SIGN not the tools.

They recently added ‘wall sign’ to the end of the description on the first page. Previously that was divulged reading more into the ad.

Unlike Wish, that advertises 80000 watt solar panels, 6000 mAh 18650 batteries, and items made to look larger than they really are. Lots of photo editing. I bought a car for my grandson that, compared to the hand holding it, should have been a foot long or longer. It was maybe 5” long.

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Yeah, they should have updated the photos for such a big change in design.

So far I’ve had good luck, but I stick mostly to small parts/modules that I’ve seen elsewhere with ridiculous markup.

Still arguing with AliExpress. For grins, I took the OEM bin out and swapped the HEPA filter to the AliExpress dust bin. The bin went in a little snug, and sits up about 1/8” so the top won’t close completely. I didn’t know the magnet was in the HEPA filter so that is why there was no dust bin removed/installed audio notification on my previous posts.

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Again, the lid on the vac will not close completely since this sits about 1/8” above the vac.

This one looks right.

[US $15.99 20% Off | 80%-90% New Dust Box For XiaoMi Mijia Mop STYTJ02YM 3C B106CN MVXVC01-JG VioMi V2 V3 Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bin Parts Accessories

It looks like the HEPA screen is there.

Strange that they state it is 80%-90% new. :thinking:

Now to wait for the slow boat.


I think the description explains it.

Aliexpress standard shipping is pretty fast in my experience. I've had bad experience with Cainiao, so I try to avoid them. Sometimes switching to Aliexpress shipping (click More options) from Cainiao is cheap.

For me, Cainiao goes through east coast customs office (where it sits for ages, had stuff lost there as well). Aliexpress standard has been coming through the west coast no problems. Same for shipping from Banggood.

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The description just states it might have some scratches but does not say where it came from.

I have never seen any shipping option. It has always been AliExpress shipping. And that usually takes 3-4 weeks.

I was thinking reclaimed product or factory reject.


“More options”, and then inside that there is even another “more options”. At least on my desktop browser.

Looks like maybe somebody heard us…

HUIZHEN Replacement 1Pcs Dust Box Dustbin Compatible with WYZE Robot Vacuum Cleaner WVCR200S Spare Parts Accessories

I’m going to give this a shot and post back if it works.


The AliExpress box is coming on the slow boat from China, so yours will definitely arrive before mine.
I should buy a hundred of these from AliExpress and sell them on Amazon or eBay for a nice profit.

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The AliExpress dust bin arrived just now. It is identical other than missing the sticker showing how to clean the dust bin and HEPA filter. It even comes with a new HEPA filter. And the fine filter built into the dust bin is included.