Replacement filters for vacuum

Agree. Just a substitute for a bit

We were an early backer and notice our filter is becoming frayed. When will Robot dust bin replacement filters become available?

Same here. According to the app, I have about 10 hours of life left in my original filter. No replacements are available on the Wyze website, and the responses I received after reaching out to their “support” team made me wonder if they even knew they had a vacuum on the market.

You have a product with consumables that need to be replaced periodically, but don’t offer replacements? This is very disappointing, Wyze. The very least you could do here is to refer your customers to a third-party source that you have verified are compatible, and that won’t void the warranty.


Agree, interesting no replacement parts, just interested in selling new products.

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Also an update on April 21:


Finally got around to replacing the HEPA filter. Someone here said the Wyze filter had a foam seal and the replacement filter on Amazon does not. I put on my high power glasses and could not see a foam gasket on the spare Wyze HEPA filter.

Photo left to right) of the old dirty Wyze HEPA filter, the new clean Wyze HEPA filter that was a spare in the box, and two new replacement filters.

The only difference I can see in the filters is there is a black dot on the Wyze filter

The replacement filter does not have this black dot.

Conclusion : these filters are interchangeable.

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I agree! They are coming out with all this new products which is fine BUT take care of the products you have!! Very disappointed in the Wyze company for terrible customer service!!!

Hey Tom how did you find them on Amazon? I looked but did not see them. Help!


Here you go

Varadyle Side Brush HEPA Filter…

Agree!! Need customer support for the products they already have VERY disappointed in Wyze. No back up on the items they already have

Thanks Tom!!

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Filter for Wyze Robot Vacuum on Amazon

Here is an update from Wyze I just noticed on repair parts for the robotic vacuum:

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Thanks David, for the information.

You can get 4 filters, 6 side brushes, 2 main brushes, and the cleaning tool for less than the cost of 5 filters on this Amazon link

Wyze Robot Vacuum replacement filter - 5 Pack (100% Compatible)

This is the kit I have. Other than the color of the main brush, these are identical to the OEM Wyze

Varadyle Side Brush HEPA Filter Main Brush for Mijia STYJ02YM for Conga 3490 for Viomi V2 PRO V-RVCLM21B Vacuum Spare Part

Agreed. Pretty much everything you buy directly from a Chinese company will be far cheaper. I sometimes buy things on AliExpress.

The tradeoffs are that it takes 1~3 months for things to arrive, you have no return privilege, if there is a problem you are out of luck, etc. For electrical appliances you will probably not have a real UL or ETL listing, and the products will sometimes not meet US safety or materials standards.

But bypassing the entire American retail system is absolutely cheaper if these limitations are OK with you.

The set you referenced looks like a good deal and is from Amazon, so it doesn’t have many of these problems. I mostly need filters. The roller brush is fine on my unit and the little whirling brush doesn’
t seem to actually do anything except entangle.

Turn it sideways. Look at the sides. The original has a felt looking seal. The ones from Amazon do not.

Shrug it off all day and all night, but, I’m right. The originals have a better seal.
The ones from Amazon are pretty good, though.

I only highlighted one edge because you can see it, even from the this angle.