Robot vacuum accessory

Anyone know how to order robot vacuum accessories such as hepa filter replacement.

AFAIK consumables are not available yet. Maybe when the app detects x hours remaining, you will be given a link to purchase them. This is purely speculation.

After doing some research, the Wyze vacuum looked very similar to the RoboRock S4/S5/S6 and Xiaowa E20/E25/E35. The kit from Amazon looks very close.

I purchased it and discovered the HEPA filter is a wee bit larger, and the side brush is held on with a screw rather than a friction snap fit. The main brush is a similar design, but will not fit. Very similar design, especially the HEPA filter.

I, like you, would rather have the spare brushes and filters before they are deemed expired.

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Thank you for the information. I have a high traffic home filled with sand and yes, I would love to purchase replacements before I actually need them.

It appears that eventually you’ll be able to buy them in app. If you go to the vacuum, settings, accessories, and click on one of the accessories. There’s a button to buy the replacement parts, but the link takes you to the splash page.

I assume the pages aren’t live yet.

I have both Wyze & S4 vacbots, the filter looks similar but NOT the same size

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It is obvious the same design team made the RoboRock and the Wyze vacs.

Close but not the same. I am hoping the new app update will allow ordering these consumables. Or once the vacuum has a larger customer base, other companies may offer filters and brushes like they do for other brands.

@TomG , I’ve heard the same RoboRock/Wyze bit while researching vacs compared to Roomba. LIDAR failure seems to be an issue. Have you run across this?


Chris, “Sharon” has been great. No LIDAR issues. Even watched it from a Wyze camera at night. What have you heard?

Wife gave me the look when I said I wanted to do this…


Omg! I love this! I’m gonna have to copy your idea… lol!

Yeah, that’s what prompted me to ask this question. I tried purchasing to no avail.

Sharon can see now.

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Our LIDAR quit working last week. I discovered that one of the eyes fell off. I finally got a response today saying that maybe we should get a new eye on order if I haven’t found the one that fell off. It has been a week, of course I am not still looking for that tiny piece. Just send me the part! Or better yet, replace the vacuum because I am not a vacuum tech.

It may have vacuumed up the eye :wink:

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