Room mapping

The more I read on this forum, the more I’m beginning to think we don’t all have the same app!
Just got the vacuum today, charged it up and hit the “Clean” button. The map started appearing as it should (almost magically), but I kept waiting for it to name a room. After cleaning the whole house, it made it back to the dock, but couldn’t find it (at less than 1 foot away!). It finally said something to the effect of “battery low, please charge battery”. I gave it an assist pushing it that last foot to the charger, and it said “Turning on”. ??? Now, there are no rooms listed on the map. It doesn’t say anything at all. The map is there, just no annotation. I’m thinking maybe it didn’t quite finish mapping, but on the app, the only button says “Clean” where I have heard others say it should show a “Resume cleaning” or something to that effect. It looks like a pretty good map of the house, but without breaking it up into rooms.
If I try to set up a schedule, the only options are date, time and vacuum strength,… and in small letters under the schedule it says “Whole House”. No options to clean just a single room.
Am I missing something?

It seems like it didn’t finish mapping. I hope they can add a mapping only option. It’s very difficult to get a complete map for me.


Would LOVE this function! I love this vacuum, but have to control the urge to throw it away every time it gets stuck & I have to RE map my 1st level - it takes 4.5 hours between cleaning & scanning - not to mention the stress when you have to tiptoe around making sure not to bump it if it’s recharging between the scanning! Please add this functionality. Thank you!

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Got mine today. It started mapping, and cleaning. It was very cool. But then, it decided to go into our home office, where my wife was taking a call. I had to run in and pick it up. I carried it back to the charger, but I’m guessing I’ll have to remap again next time.

If they could come up with a way to not interrupt Zoom calls, lol. But then again, I haven’t got that programmed into my kid yet, either.

The robot generated a map with 9 rooms, but one of the rooms is much larger than the battery can vacuum on one or two charges. Is there a way to divide a robot-generated ‘room’ into three rooms?

I have the same issue. The vaccum couldn’t map the entire house on one go because of battery running out. My master bedroom was mapped only 50% and it came back to charge mode. Next time when I select only that room it cleans only the area which it mapped earlier leaving the other 50% unclean and returned back to charge. There has to be a way out to remap the rooms. Any ideas?

Randytenn,…Just hit the “Pause” button in the app. When the call is over, resume and it won’t interrupt the mapping process.

Thanks. I’ve done that, and it still deleted when it got back to the charger. Going to try again this morning.