Wyze Vacuum Save Created Maps in App

I would love to be able to save maps for the Vacuum Robot Vac. For example if I create a map with virtual walls to keep my office from being vacuumed some days then also want only the wood vacuumed (excluding carpet areas) it would be great to just choose a saved map, perhaps named wood floors etc. Same for carpet areas etc.

I understand the request to allow modifying rooms/area map is in however in the meantime being able to save maps with virtual walls would help a ton. Then I wouldn’t have to keep recreating maps that update/modify virtual walls.


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Great idea @ncalla!
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I would love to be able to lock or backup the current map, in app or cloud. Could be a simple save state/snapshot just so if anything goes sideways for a quick revert.

I would hope that even in a locked state the vacuum would use sensors to avoid collisions, but those obstacles would not be written permanently to the map.

Reason why we need this feature:

Yesterday I mapped my entire house. The map looked great!

Today I decide let me see how well the vacuum handle the bath mats in the guest bathroom. I select the room, hit clean, vacuum announces it is going into area clean. Vacuum comes out of its dock, does a spin to make sure it sees it surroundings, turns a corner and there is a cat bed, works its way slowly around the cat bed, make it to the hallway and into the bathroom.

The bathmat does at one point of time get a corner turned up (so I make mental note better to move the bathmats before doing a cleaning in that room), eventually it signals cleaning complete and returns to the charger.

I look in the app and the map is now complexity ruined. It appears at some point of time the vacuum got turned around on where it was physically versus where it was on the map. The original map is there but now there are new walls where it looks like the house turned 45 degrees and protruding outside of what would be the physical walls, and probably property line, of my house.

The map is essentially ruined. I reset the map and let the vacuum remap the entire house again.

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I don’t know if it’s just me but first time using the robot vacuum today - fully charged. It went out and all around the house for 1.8 hours before going back for a recharge. The map looked pretty good but there were some odd things like it did only half of one bedroom. It literally went halfway across the floor and turned around and just repeated until it left the room. No obstructions and it shows up on the map this way too. Anyway, after charging back to 60% it went back out to continue and when the battery drained yet again this time after a total of 2.3 hours the entire map it generated on the first pass with all the lines and such is replaced by just an outline of the rooms. Not sure if it will resolve itself after the next pass but by now it’s getting late and I really don’t want it running before bed time. I really wanted to let it map out the whole house during the day with all the doors open and stuff off the floors but after 5 hours of cleaning and charging and still not being done I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Not sure it will resolve itself. My map looked similar where some areas of the room weren’t filled out because battery ran out. I picked up the robot, put it in the unfinished room, it actually did figure out where it was and started updating the map. Room shows fully filled out on the map, so I hit stop and it goes back home. But when I look at the map, it’s still broken in the same places. No idea how to continue to “fill out” the map, but I haven’t had any success doing that.

Was reading other posts in the forum and a possible fix for my issue of the vacuum getting lost and incorrectly adding new areas to an already constructed map is to go into the the clean records and delete the incorrect cleaning/mapping.

I have not tested this, not do I want to try to, but something to possible keep in mind if someone else runs into this issue.

Yes this. And maybe there’s a way to update/add to the saved map. My vacuum tends to map half of the house then starts vacuum, drains all the battery and then next time it goes out it maps another half of the house. Afterwards the app will ask if i want to save the new map and it overrides the existing rooms. This results in only half of my rooms gets mapped correctly.

One thing I may try is to delete the map, tell it to clean. When it comes back and charges and get a to 60%, just pause it until a convenient time to run. I foresee this taking a few days given being home during covid and how noisy this thing is. You can’t stop it, or push it back on the charger when it leaves after it gets to 60%. I’m hoping pausing will work.

My test didn’t work. I deleted the map and sent it on it’s way. It began to re-build out the map. I paused it before it needed to charge (people were in the room and we didn’t want the noise at this time), and about an hour later it turned itself off saying the battery was low. When I turned it on, it didn’t have any saved map info and started building the map again. So much for trying to pause it in an attempt to use the “first” cleaning to map out the home, and have that cleaning span multiple charge cycles.

This is exactly what happened to me this morning. I had a saved map from the night before so scheduled it to clean “Room 3” this morning. I had done the same thing the day before that and didn’t have any issues. This morning when it was done I got prompted to save the map even though it was running a scheduled clean on a room on the already saved map. When I did this it completely changed the map and all the room names. So frustrating. How could this have passed by beta with so many mapping issues?

We are the beta testers. I’ve seen zero interest from Wyze on being helpful or providing guidence on these issues so, sadly, I’m putting this thing on the charger and going back to my “dumb” deebot until they work out these kinks. At least I can control it with an API, it cleans, it’s quiet and eventually comes home.

I don’t mind it not being feature rich out the door but I am a tad disappointed about the mapping issues as they are today. It’s not unusable but it surely is frustrating to have to monitor it daily to see what happened each time it runs.


Would be nice to have the ability to save scanned rooms and then access them at a future time. For example, after mapping out a bedroom, being able to save it, name it, and then next time that room is vacuumed you can pull it up so that the vacuum already knows where it is.

When the robot vac has updates to a map, I think it would be useful to be able to preview the new map before replacing the existing one. It can take some time to get an accurate map and losing it for a worse map is not fun.

Alternatively, a map history should be saved so that we can undo/revert to a previous map.

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Please add ability to store and manipulate multiple maps, currently limited to only 1 map. This is necessary for people like me who have multi-story house.


I finally got a great map of my entire house. I walled off some areas, like my beds and kitchen island, to keep the vacuum from going under. I tested the commands to vacuum individual rooms. I’m very satisfied.

I want to be able to save that map! I have had maps disappear or become corrupted before. I do not want to start from Ground Zero. Thanks.

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Hi - I’d like to request the ability to save and restore maps (whether to smartphone, cloud account, etc.) and also the ability to direct and/or add rooms to maps.
Also would love the ability to remote control the vacuum to get to a particular area and let it clean - specify a “messy area” or even map a requested path, like a heavy use walk area that should get cleaned more than other areas.
I’d like to also direct the vacuum to map additional contiguous areas.
“Corridor Mode” could allow the robot to clean an office, for example, and skip the cubicles which could have stacks or wires.
those are my .02 - thanks!

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+1 to this - I’d like to at least be able to revert to the previous version of the map. I hit the exact same issue as OP where the vacuum got confused about it’s orientation and now I have a bunch of imaginary walls running at 45° angles throughout my house. My previous map was perfect and now I have to reset it and re-create all the no-go zones :frowning:

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I would love to be able to save a map so that if it ever gets corrupted, we could revert back to a perfect version.

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