Updates to map for robot vacuum?

How should the robot vacuum be expected to work with regards to map updates as it vacuums?

Scenario 1
After quick mapping, I move furniture, and then I vacuum that room. Does it save the new layout?

Scenario 2
During quick mapping, robot vacuums a hallway where a room door is closed. Later when vacuuming the hallway, the door is open, so it can map some of the room as it passes by.

It will only save map updates done by a full vacuum. It won’t save for spot cleaning or if any rooms are selected (*). It also must dock pretty much on the 1st try, seen it too many times fail to save if it takes longer than normal to dock.

(*) I found an odd case where it actually saved a map change after selecting a room to clean. Not sure if it has a meaningful use though. So it can happen. (2022-05-28)

For large changes (a new open room) it will ask at the end if you want to save the changes. It seems to save smaller changes automatically.

This is my experience so far, lots of testing and observation.

Relevant FAQ entry

So the beta firmware appears mostly the same in this regard. Definitely could use improvements to map saving, I should have the option to save a cached/temporary map if I like it better.

My workaround was to set a ton of no-go zones to get it to go places and come back to dock asap. It was annoying, but it saved a lot of time. I recommend Bluestacks to set no-go zones if you have a lot of tiny ones like me…

My experience relocating the dock
Downstairs I started with the dock in the laundry room, I then moved it to a different room and started a full vacuum (while the robot was docked) from that location – it managed to re-dock at the new location and save/update the map. I forget if it initially tried to look for it in the laundry room. (Added 2022-06-30)

I’m on the multi-floor beta firmware, 1.6.173.