Robot vacuum won’t turn on

My Wyze robot vacuum said put on a flat surface . So I unplugged the vacuum and before I could check it over to see the problem it said vacuum has been off the charger 6 hours and will shut down. I did discover the problem of the needing a flat service as the brush was missing. I replaced the brush and put the vacuum on the charger. The vacuum will not turn on and there is no blue light or any light on the vacuum itself when it is at the charger. There is a blue light on the charger itself. After several days on the charger there is no indication that the vacuum was charged. Wyze support said to do a factory reset but since the vacuum won’t turn on that is not possible.
The vacuum is only 15 months old. Has this happened to anyone else?

Can you check if the contacts are clean? Wipe both the contacts on the back of the vacuum and the contacts on the charger down and then dry them with a paper towel. See if that helps. You can also try holding both buttons on the vacuum at the same time to reset the vacuum. It will say “WiFi connection reset”.

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Thank you so much! I cleaned both contacts with rubbing alcohol and when I placed the vacuum against the charger it immediately said turning on and it has already charged to 20%… It doesn’t appear to need a factory reset. But I know how to reset if I need to. I had contacted Wyze support and the suggestions they had for me all ended with do a factory reset but that would not have been possible since the vacuum would not turn on.I was so surprised when I cleaned the contacts and the vacuum turned on.
Thank you again. I really appreciate you taking the time the time and writing.
I will also let Wyze support know this solution. I never would have thought to clean the contacts.


Awesome! Glad it was an easy fix!

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