Vacuum Robot bugs / suggestions / questions


1- the vacuum recently updated the firmware and now when it vacuums, it does all the edges of a room but fails to vacuum in the center of an area. Anyone else have this problem?

2- the vacuum get really confused in front of a closet mirror (mirror extends the length of the door). it seems the lidar bounces off the mirror and it bangs into the mirror several times. The mapping also comes out wrong, and cannot be edited after.

3a- is there be an option to change the pattern of the room cleaning? instead of cleaning in a 90/270 degree pattern, can i select a 0/180 pattern?
3b- can the developers add an option to double clean the room (first pass runs at 90/270 degs, and the second pass should run at 0/180 degrees.

4- can the developers add an option to rescan a single room, (as well as the entire floor)?

5- i noticed that ilife just came out with their A11 robot vacuum that looks exactly the same as the Wyze version. is this the same vacuum? The only difference is they have a mop on the bottom as an option, but the slot under the machine look exactly the same. is Wyze going to have a mop option in the future?


Name your FW version, would help a lot.

hi, sorry… (newbie)
FW version: 1.6.202
Plugin Version 1.19.14

Second day of use. FW 1.6.202 Plugin 1.20.14. Vacuum is like a dog finding a leg to molest. It. Won’t. Quit. Just runs circles around my coffee table leg. I killed the map and have set it up on a remap. See if that fixes the bug.


I too have several issues since the last update, with regards to navigation.

I have 3 rooms that I do when I leave for work in the morning. Now, it does the two larger rooms great, but then like you, it does the outside of the 3rd room and then goes home. I have to send it back to that room to actually vacuum it.

I’ve had the robot quit cleaning and return to charge in the middle of a clean, with more than 70% battery left. I’ve had the robot do circles around table legs like rhoneyman.

I’ve had the vacuum continue to clean the entire house despite telling it to only do the 3 rooms I normally do when I leave for work. When I finally get a chance to check the app, it’s cleaned all over and is usually stuck somewhere because I didn’t plan on the vacuum to be there.

Basically, it’s a guess as to what problem I’ll have to deal with each day. It was rock solid before this last update. I’ve also re-mapped the house after the update and that didn’t change anything.

FW: 1.6.202
Plugin: 1.20.12
iOS app: 2.30.0

I don’t think the Wyze workers monitor this forum… and trying to get any type of support has become very difficult. Once Wyze sells a product, it seems there is no support, instead they try to develop other products just to increase their sales numbers…


The other day, I tried to shut the thing off (I think I actually did shut if off, but it turned back on when I pushed it into the charger). When it started it’s cleaning path the next day, it got stuck in an area I had blocked off.

The map it was following indicated that the unit rotated the map in its memory and followed a new path. I killed the session and restarted it. It then followed the map properly.

I’ll be watching it. Still very happy with the unit: no more coughing from who knows what. :slight_smile:

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A docking station that automatically empties would be a great feature. I find I can’t setup a schedule because I have to empty it 3-4 times during vacuuming. We have dogs and little kids, between the hair and the the kids, it’s an endless mess.

The price is nice but you may have picked the wrong brand. There are robovacs out there that have larger capacity and self empty. But they’re at least twice the price of the Wyze. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I live in a small place with little traffic, no pets, no rugrats :slight_smile:, so the Wyze works really well for me.

If furniture moves or boxes/bins are placed around the house often times the robot is unable to locate itself when you hit clean, and after a minute or so it resorts to creating a new map. I can see where this would be great, if you move it to a new place it will map and clean. The issue with this is if you have it on a schedule, and it gets losts and creates a new map, then it goes everywhere. I have no-go zones placed around the house as well as rooms that are off limits due to coords or other stuff on the floor. If it creates a new map it will ignore these restrctions (because they arent set in the room it thinks is new) and it will go everywhere. This makes no-go zones and other restrictions unrealiable.

Ideally if its lost it should send a notification saying it doesnt recognize the space its in, would you like it to remap? It could alos have a link to troubleshooting steps.

Another thing, the map is only permanently saved during the initial mapping, and every time it runs it doesn’t update the map again. If a small change is made, it should adapt and learn to update its map. You can see the temporary changes during and after cleaning, but as soon as you start another session it reverts to the orignaly. This requires frequent remaps. As i mentioned here, it definetly shouldnt update the map on its own, but it should have an option in cleaning history as well as a prompt after each cleaning if you would like to update the map.

An example of when this would be useful:
We mapped the house with a trashcan in the corner where it normally is. When we run it, we move the trashcan out so the vacuume can clean there. Since the map shows it was there, the robot completely avoids that space, and leaves crumbs and other junk there. I have since remapped with the trash out of the way so it will clean there.

I have found that when using “Spot Cleaning” it ignores the map and cleans as much as it can in the selected area.

Yep, spot cleaning will discover new areas, course changes aren’t saved. Selected room cleaning will not clean into newly opened areas, so you have to do a full clean. As long as it gets back to the dock without issues in one go, it should save the updates automatically or ask for larger changes.

I’m on beta 1.6.173 and I haven’t had to remap since updating to that. Using the various tricks I’ve learned, I’ve been able to keep it working.

Does it only save updates on a full clean, or will it save them on any clean. Obv it won’t discover new rooms in a spot or room since it’s limited to a small area, but will it update the map on changes it can see from where it is? Mine always makes it back to the dock but never updates.

Yes, only full clean: Robot is docked and charged – in the app only click “Vacuum” (or click the physical power button which does the same). I use the layers/floors screen to verify changes have saved.

Changes seen during a spot clean won’t save in my experience.

I’m not totally sure about the stable release since I updated to the mentioned beta release early on.

Interesting, thanks for the info :smiley:

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