Wyze Robot Vacuum crab walking

My Robot vacuum now looks like it is crab-walking (like one of the wheels doesn’t work right). By crab walk - to go straight it goes left then right then left then right then a circle then … you get the idea. It also looks like the nose is up in the air - the vacuum surface is not level when it drives.

I have cleaned it
I have Factory reset it
I have completely deleted it from my app and re-added
Attempted to Quick Map - but it crab walks terribly while doing that.

Is it something inside that I need to look at? I am stumped

Added information
I moved the docking station to hard floor (vs carpet) and it goes straight fine when mapping. as soon as it hit the carpet (which it has vacuumed for many months just fine) it starts to crab walk. Looks like the right wheel can’t keep up. Is there a way maybe to replace the motor for the right wheel?

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Have you tried spinning the wheels manually and see if they spin?

Thanks for quick response - yes I have and they both spin freely

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What if you pick up the robot while it’s trying to move, are both wheels spinning on their own?

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What’s the firmware version on the robot?


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Do you know when it got that? Like was it okay for some time after getting 1.6.202?

That version has been ruining people’s robovac with symptoms like yours. There is no way to go back to a working version. If the vacuuming is already misbehaving, I don’t think there is any real fix. A factory reset may help temporarily. I’ve added your post to my 1.6.202 list.

Wyze should stop pushing it out automatically.

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