Wyze Robot Vacuum Loud Noise when turning

Our robot vacuum is making a very loud noise but only when it turns. I’ve flipped it over and looked at the wheels and there’s nothing obvious obstructing the wheels.

Is this on hard floor, or carpet? How long have you had it?

Check the main brush, check the bearing too (it pulls straight off). Mine does something similar maybe, but it sounds normal to me. (I’d have to hear it)

You can test the wheels without them touching the ground, this is how I did it…

appreciate the reply but wow that is a lot of engineering work.

If you haven’t, try moving both wheels slowly back and forth a couple rotations by hand to see if they both feel okay, like no broken gear teeth.

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I got it up on plastic bins and ran the cleaning cycle.

If the lidar sensor is forward (away from you) then the left wheel sounds like it has something in it.

Due to the way the wheel is designed I can’t see any obstruction or foreign material and I don’t see an easy way to disassemble it.

Warning this video starts LOUD.

It seems to be doing it less now. I did remove some dust from the wheel.

I think I need a longer video, I still think it’s the main brush. I’ve heard of issues with it being very loud especially after replacing it with a generic/compatible one. Are you using the original brush?

The main brush stops and goes on its own when there is too much friction. It’s one of my complaints as it does a less than stellar job when the carpet pile is too long.

Can’t imagine how the wheel assembly would be that loud and still function.

Listening carefully, the vacuum motor sounds fine to me.

Idea, run the vacuum without the main brush. Side brush too if needed.

I have a collection of troubleshoot, etc links here…

This is the issue. There is some rubber part that is supposed to be on the end. Got ripped off and thrown away while pulling hair off of it.

Unless that part can be replaced I guess we are just living with the ridiculous noise.

That’s unbelievably bad design for how much hair gets wound around that end.


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Yep, missing bearing.

Pricier bots have features to handle the long hair.

There is one main place in my house that has the (most) long hair, I just quick vac that area before starting the robot, that helps a lot. If you have long haired pets, you’d probably want a model that can specifically handle that.