Robot vacuum making rhythmic noises

My Wyze robot vacuum makes a rythmic noise every second only on carpeting. It does not make this noise on hard flooring. The noise occurs both when turning and going straight.

You can hear a click then the noise.

I have checked the.wheels, main brush, side brush, and caster for damage and everything appears to be in good working order.

I just got mine a week ago and it sounds JUST like that. Yes, carpet only, not hard floor (I have mostly carpet).

Happens during straight runs, for a while I thought it was just a thing on turns but I now see it happens constantly. I have low pile / Berber carpet and medium pile loop carpet elsewhere, same issue on both.

I can tell it IS affecting carpet cleaning performance. I have a test in mind that may visually show the issue, but I think I may just want to return this, mapping is being quite the pain because of the difficulty in getting it to actually save map updates.

It is the roller, I can see it stopping by looking under it in operation with a good light.

I’ve seen other mentions of this robot being no good on carpet. I went by the review by Vacuum Wars.

I’m running the latest available beta firmware.