Wyze robot vacuum motor is LOUD

I have had my wyze robot vacuum since Jan of 2023 and it’s been great. Today i told it to vacuum and the motor is extremely loud. Even on quiet mode.

I tried chatting with wyze but keep getting disconnected when I have to switch apps to make a video or go into the wyze app. I factory reset it and created a new map. I cleaned the brush and wheels.

Here is a video


Holy €rap!

If I had to guess, something is inside the vacuum motor.

Does the sound change when you select a different suction level?


Only a little bit. That was on ‘standard’. On quiet it is almost bearable. I tried shaking the unit around and I don’t hear anything rattling. I just wish wyze would do something for me. Everytime I open a chat they go through all the basics again. Factory reset,remap,clean etc. then I lose connection to them or when I try to send the video it says incorrect format!

I will have to try again later and link them to my YouTube video and hope they watch it.

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I just had a chat with wyze support. They will not help me. Said I am out of warranty by 3 months. I told them I will not be buying another wyze product again because a unit should not malfunction like that after just one year with no fault of my own. Just shows the build quality.

They offered me a $20 gift card. Haha

The pitch (of the noise) seems to indicate the vacuum motor. But just in case, make sure you still have your main brush bearing installed, it can also cause a very loud noise if missing.

I can’t find it right now, but someone had a loud/dead vacuum motor and it had a big hole in it. I don’t think many people have had issues with the vacuum motor. It can be replaced, but it’ll be DIY.


Yes I checked that. The bearing is there I was hoping it would of been that.

I tried taking the machine apart to take a look at the motor but got frustrated.


Same issue here. I took it apart all the way down to small peices. Nothing out of place. Still vacuums, is just amazingly loud out of the blue.

If someone wants to shoot me a link to reasonably priced motor, Ill put it in and see if it fixes it.

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Here you go

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Perhaps a bad bearing. Would be interesting to see what’s under those 3 screws.

Found this…

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Forgot I had saved this link

The vacuum motor is visible toward the end of the disassembly.

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Thanks. Yeah, i already took it apart once to check if there was debris anywhere. Ill post photos when I install new motor. Shipping will take another week or so.

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Replaced motor. Sound is gone. Notes: New motor looks different (A. Housing is scuffed / less polished looking, B. Circuit board looks different). I reused old connector (plug) and suction still works, Air mesh out the back of the device had broken cheerios in it, must have gotten between dustbin and intake (user error).


I doubt the vacuum motor is made by the same company that makes the OEM part, hence the different design.

Glad it worked out!

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Update: everything is still good but wanted to share. New motor highest suction seeing is not as loud as original. Either quiet suction or less strong suction at highest setting. Cant do a stress test, but figured id share.

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Well that stinks. I’m not aware of an OEM vacuum motor.

How it affects battery life compared to the original may give a rough idea of the difference in power. May also be quieter because it’s new, the old one gradually got louder as it aged.