Wyze Robot Vacuum Wobbling and Bouncing

Our two year old robot vacuum is wobbling when it’s traveling a straight path with a loud squeak and when it’s turning around objects it bounces and makes a loud banging noise. The left side lifts up in the air and bangs when it comes back down. I cleaned it thoroughly and replaced the filter and brushes. The front wheels is not clogged and turns freely. I cannot see an easy way to clean the back wheels. Has anyone experienced this and what is the fix?

Not easy, but here’s a guide that should help…

Wyze WVCR200s Wheels Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Lately some people have had issues with the wires breaking on the wheel assembly. The symptom is usually that it just goes in circles, I’ve also heard that it can still kinda clean the room. Symptom probably varies a bit depending on which wire is damaged. So check those wires closely.

Otherwise may need to disassemble the wheel assembly, might be some debris in there causing issues.

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Thanks. I’ll tear it down and see what if anything needs cleaning.

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