Wyze Robot - Stuck wheel error

So yesterday while I was out the robot vacuum ran and stopped in the middle of the room stating wheel stuck please clear and resume. When I got home I picked it up and it looked fine but heard a rattle when I picked up. Shook lightly and the nut in the photo dropped on the floor is this from inside the vac or did it pick it up somewhere I can’t think of where this would have come from in the house. I did set the bot back down and it seems to work ok. I’d like to know from Wyze if this type of nut is used inside the vac or not to let me know if it needs to be serviced, It was purchased around Thanksgiving last fall. Thanks for any help

I doubt that came out of the robot, there are probably very little if any nuts and bolts used inside of it. If the robot works fine now that you got that out it is probably ok. Is the wheel still stuck, or did that fix it?


These Robot Vacuums, this one by Wyze at least, have a definite Planned Obsolescence, and cannot be trusted beyond perhaps 50-70 runs before the dreaded “Cannot Detect Wheels on the Ground” Voiced Errors, and this is NOT being addressed by a Firmware Upgrade or ANY SUPPORTIVE MEANS by Wyze. They offered us $15 Gift Card for a $320 piece of Garbage. They have No Viable Customer Support other than Kind Words and a Curt Brush-Off, similar to the Robot Vacuum Voice it seems, so Pleasant but “Bye Bye” Wyze…!

My vacuum currently has 620 runs, and over 11 thousand minutes and I haven’t replaced anything or had any issues with it. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but if the vacuum is out of warrenty there’s no much Wyze support can do.

My Wyze robot vac has performed 429 tasks, cleaned 144629 square feet in 16956 minutes. Still on the original battery. Filter and brushes have been replaced when the app says to. Have had zero problems and would not hesitate to buy another if this one fails.

Saying that, if you want to sell your Wyze robot vac, send me a PM.