Wheel "dead zone", internal gears slip & no longer rotates

LONG time user of Wyze Robot Vacuums, I preordered two before launch. Those two have been shuffling around in our home (6.5k sq ft) ever since. One vacuum died (332 tasks, 300,659 sq ft cleaned, 34,472 cleaning minutes) after almost 3 years, so I felt we got our monies worth. Wyze’s store had the replacement out of stock, Amazon showed a long leadtime, so I ordered another from Walmart. It arrived and had this odd issue while mapping the house; one wheel would get stuck in a dead zone of travel, then spinning the vacuum in circles before it would shut down with “one of my wheels is stuck” message. The wheel had a dead zone (described in more detail later) so I returned the Walmart unit and waited for the long leadtime Amazon replacement.

After ~ 10 days the new robot vacuum arrived. Setting it up to map the house and it gets stuck (in the middle of a hardwood-only room) saying it’s wheel is stuck. I flip the unit over and check the free spin on the wheels and see it has the same issue as the previous unit returned to Walmart. It has the same dead zone in the wheel rotation and the feel of the slipped engagement to the drive gears. The wheel slips in a what feels like a gap in the gearing. If the wheel remains in the small rotations of travel, the drive motor spins, but the wheel wont’ turn as it’s not engaged into the drive, I have a video to upload but as a new user the forum won’t let me.