Wyze Robot Vacuum has stop moving

Has anyone else have this problem? You come home to find the robot in a corner turned off. Today I found it in a corner, I turn it on and the vacuum works but it is stationary. It won’t return home, the wheel move when off but when it is on the wheels won’t move. Seems like the wheel motors went bad.

I am having this issue. Robot was fine, then in my Livingroom stopped and thinks he’s stuck. Doesn’t matter where I put him, he refuses to move.

Factory Reset fixed it. :wink:

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So you don’t spend 20min looking. Here is the procedure.

How to factory reset Wyze Vacuum:

Press the Home button for 5 seconds and release it when you hear “Factory settings will be restored. Then press the Home button again for 5 seconds until you hear the voice prompt “Restoring factory settings / Factory settings restored successfully.

Ours stopped moving and would not clean either on scheduled mode or manual mode. It would just sit and hum. I moved the unit away from the charger and it woke up and said the lidar sensor was dirty. I checked and found that our vacuum had somehow sucked a piece of shiny Christmas tinsel into the lidar. I removed the tinsel and the vacuum can now see and is working as expected.

fixed my issue as well.