Wyze Vacuum Robot LiDAR sensor issue

My Wyze Vacuum Robot has been working great last 2 months. This morning suddenly stopped working during its cleaning schedule due to sensor blocked. I have cleaned and wiped them thoroughly but no luck.

I just noticed the LiDAR sensor looks missing a part(?). Please see the attached picture. Is the sensor supposed to have 2 glass eyes? (I don’t know how to call it but the thing looks like the IR transmitter) Mine has only 1 and the other one empty. Please confirm with me if that’s normal.


It appears to be normal. I just looked at mine and it looks exactly the same (and mine is working fine looking just like that), so it must be a different sensor having the problem?

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Thanks for checking them. I’m glad to confirm it’s normal. So I’ll contact support team and will update. Thanks again!

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Yeah, at worst, it should still be under warranty.

Did you try taking out the brush and cleaning it and everything too? Maybe something tangled up in it? Though, like you, I’d assume if it is saying sensor that it is talking about the little cliff sensors or the lidar. I guess it could also be the bumper sensor, or also the legs appear to sense when they aren’t on the ground. I don’t know what other sensors there are, but if you figure it out, it would be interesting to hear what it was. Maybe support will be aware of something that commonly occurs.

I’m sure at worst that they’ll just replace it.

I agree!
Yes I have cleaned up all the parts that could be come off. I’ll try once again. I’ve never checked the bumper sensors. I’ll look into them too.
Thanks again for your inputs!


Wyze CS answered back with a bunch of solutions. I had followed their directions and finally “the factory reset” solved the problem. Details below.

I’m glad my Vac robot got back to normal and worked great again!

Thanks for your comments and follow-ups.

From CS
Perform a factory reset

  • To factory reset your Wyze Robot Vacuum, press and hold the home button for 5 seconds. You will hear a voice prompt for “Factory reset will begin”. Release and then press and hold the home button again for 5 seconds.
  • When you hear “Factory reset was successful”, it means that the reset is complete.
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That’s awesome that a factory reset fixed it! It means the sensor didn’t go bad. It also indicates that there is probably some kind of firmware bug that thought the sensor was bad for some reason. Interesting.

Thanks for the update. I didn’t even consider factory reset. I’ll remember it for the future now.

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3-1-21…mine blocked too…had been working fine…tried cleaning, factory reset etc…nothing…will contact CS

Oh no. If the factory reset doesn’t work, yes contact support. They should help you out within a day or two. Hope it gets back to normal very soon!

I’m getting the “My LiDAR sensor is blocked” error now as well. My vacuum arrived on Feb 18th so it worked well for four weeks. I’ve tried factory reset, cleaning, etc., but it’s not working. I’ve submitted a support ticket through email. I’m hoping a return is not required, but everything I read says that’s what will happen. :frowning:

Oh no :man_facepalming: The reset didn’t work… I’m sure you have tried everything else including resetting map etc. Hope they could help without returning.