Robot Vacuum leveling error

I just got my robot vacuum. I have downloaded the app, connected to WiFi, and have the latest firmware updated. When I try to do the initial cleaning routine the vacuum goes straight into the charger and errors out for the wheels not touching or not being on a level surface.

I’ve tried moving the vacuum to different areas including white carpet and dark hardwood. I’ve checked multiple times for packaging or tape still on the vacuum that could be causing the error and found none. I’ve tried the quick mapping before the cleaning cycle and got the same errors.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot for any help!

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one mentioned before. Maybe some internal sensor is broke? I’d call support and see what they think. Didn’t know it had to be level, they do allow slopes?

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Only to a degree.

Did it manage to quick map or just give up immediately and re-dock? Is the Lidar rotating? I’d imagine the pick-up sensing / levelness is done by the gyro. I don’t think it would even be able to dock if the cliff sensors were erroneously being triggered.


Didn’t quick map at all. It immediately redocks into the charging station. Lidar is spinning the entire time.

Doesn’t make sense to me.

I’d try a factory reset. Don’t re-add it to the app right away, just hit the power button and see if it will start working normally (*). (May need to remove it from the app first to be sure. I haven’t seen what a factory reset actually does in that regard.)

(*) At least I think it will work standalone.

Perform a factory reset…

  • To factory reset your Wyze Robot Vacuum, press and hold the home button for 5 seconds. You will hear a voice prompt for “Factory reset will begin”. Release and then press and hold the home button again for 5 seconds.
  • When you hear “Factory reset was successful”, it means that the reset is complete.

If it still bails out when standalone (assuming that even works), yeah probably a hardware issue, time to go through the support/troubleshooting in the Wyze app and get in contact.


I’d be interested in knowing how it went. Thanks

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Mine has the same issue

Ended up contacting customer service and getting a new vacuum sent to me. Started it up and it works great. Never did figure out what was causing the leveling error on the original vacuum. Thanks to Wyze customer service for painlessly resolving the issue!

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Did you get resolution? My vacuum gives this error … I can’t get it to work. I’ve cleaned all sensors. I’m trying to avoid factory reset so I don’t have to remap.

I’ve heard that the two outer IR sensors near the wheels are what’s used for this purpose. I’ve not validated this myself. Try bypassing them.