Neat trick with vacuum and cam

I saw a neat trick with my new Wyze Vacuum, and a V2 Wyze Cam I had in one of the rooms the Vacuum was mapping. Put the cam in night mode, and you’ll see the Lidar the vacuum uses to guide itself and map. Kinda neat.

Anyone else have any other neat tricks with the new Vacuum?

  1. Stick the wireless Wyze Cam Outdoor ontop of the Lidar sensor and set it to timelapse or scheduled recording and you can record the trip (unless it gets clothes-lined ducking under something and knocking the cam off). Then you can also set that cam in Night vision mode and see the Lidar everywhere it goes too.

  2. You can also attach a small laser to the bot of the lidar sensor, make it point downward a little (and BEHIND the vacuum), to stay on the floor, then have it vacuum as normal, and the pets will love chasing the red dot all over the house while the vacuum does it’s job. Again, have it point behind the vacuum, otherwise your pets will get in the way of where the vacuum is trying to go.

  3. If you don’t want to block off areas with boards, or use virtual walls all the time, you can put down a line of black tape (like electrical tape) and the vacuum will treat it as if there is a cliff/wall there (like stairs) and not pass it.

  4. If you have carpet with black lines or something, and you don’t want the cliff sensors to keep spazzing out, you can tape over the cliff sensors with something reflective or really light, and now the cliff sensors will no longer spaz about black marks it goes over…but you’ll need to make sure there aren’t any stairs or anything that it could fall off, because now it no longer has anything to detect when there is a drop-off.

  5. The vacuum can also climb ramps and slopes upwards of 20° angles. as I show in some videos here:

Those are some things others might find interesting.


Love #2. And I’ve wondered about #3, I had an older robot vacuum that used magnetic strips to block doors and areas. Kind of miss that simplicity. I have also noticed that guiding the robot to clean only one room, it doesn’t path find very nicely spending quite a bit of time in my house trying to find it’s way around a wall it’s already mapped just to get to the other room, instead of going right for the doorway. Hopefully Wyze will improve programming in the future.
I’ve also found the dust bin is not very tight, allowing dust to go around the bin rather than through it. I found using electrical tape on the exit hole in the back of the bin makes a tighter seal around the hepa filter exit to keep dust from finding a path around the bin instead.

Okay! #3 explains the odd dance the vacuum does on my rug. It looked like it was line following and I could not figure out why … it has a black border! Thanks!

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Yep. Definitely common with rugs that have patterns with black lines. The black line absorbs the light, so the vacuum thinks it’s a cliff. :wink: