Please fix edge detection on vacuum

Dear Wyze,
Please fix the edge detection on the vacuum. It really, really hates dark rugs, and that’s causing issues in one of the rooms that needs the most cleaning.

I’ve attached a video showing how it gets itself stuck trying to follow the white stripe and avoid the rest. At least that one corner is clean. :confused:

(Video is 4x speed so I could compress it enough to fit here)
(ARGH… can’t upload this properly. I’ll fix it later.)

This is a common issue with lots of robovacs that have an edge sensor that uses light to determine if there is a cliff or not. When the sensor runs over the top of something really dark/black it thinks there are stairs there or something and avoids it. There are a few ways people are currently working around this.

You can cover the edge sensors so they don’t spaz out on dark carpet anymore. People have said that doing things like taping tin-foil over the sensor tricks it, then it works fine everywhere. The only problem is that you will have to block stairways with either a physical barrier while it cleans, or a virtual wall, to tell it not to ever go to the stairs.

People have requested that Wyze give an option in the app to simply select to disable the cliff sensors that way, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Again, that’s an issue lots of robovacs have when they use those light sensors as cliff sensors. Black lines and black flooring trips it out because the black absorbs the light instead of reflecting it.

There aren’t many other solutions for this model of vacuum. There are apparently some that may use other kinds of sensors, or AI to figure out if it’s a real cliff or just dark flooring or something, but this is a medium range vacuum…the ones that do all that are usually quite a bit more expensive to compensate for the different sensors and/or AI support.

Hope you can use some of that information to help you figure out a solution…otherwise I guess there’s always returning it. Wish I could’ve been of more help.

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I’ll give the foil a shot. Thanks!

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Aaaaaand, it works! Although I clearly have to get some double-sided tape for one edge of my rug. Thanks!

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Awesome, great to hear that it works for you! Thanks for the follow-up, it’s always good to find out how things turn out. Also helps to know whether to make similar suggestions to others in the future with similar issues.