Robot vacuum - I should be able to relocate the charging base without losing my maps

I want to change the location of the charging base. But to do this I must reset ALL maps!
I don’t want to reset any maps. I spent time correctly defining the rooms and giving them labels. And I have schedules. This is all lost if you move the charging base.

Relocating the charging base is possible, I’ve done it a few times.

I think you missed the point. I don’t want it to remap the house because that clears all the effort I spent tweaking the map to correctly define my rooms and name them. And the schedules are also somewhat cleared/disabled.

I did contact support, they said I must delete/clear the maps. This clears all maps! I only had 1 map, so not as bad as it could have been.

I did try to relocate the charging base and clean the floor, when done it went to the old location to find the charging base. I even picked it up and put it in front of the base and closed the door so it could not go to the old location. It ran around for a few minutes looking for a secret path or something. Then gave up. It then mapped that room and docked, so it physically can find the dock, but the software refuses to do that with the old map in place.

I knew you didn’t want to reset/remap.

Downstairs I started with the dock in the laundry room, I then moved it to a different room and started a full vacuum (while the robot was docked) from that location – it managed to re-dock at the new location and save/update the map. I forget if it initially tried to look for it in the laundry room.

I’m on the multi-floor beta firmware, 1.6.173.

I would like to have the option of relocating my robot vacuum to another room in the existing map. To move now I have to reset the map and go through the whole deal of editing no-go zones “after” it has mapped the rooms and gone into all the places it gets into trouble.

I do see multiple floors now, which is great,
Thank you