Robot Vacuum-- can multiple maps be saved

Got the robot vacuum this week, have been doing some testing and am finding it is better than expected, a very awesome product for the price. One concern I have, though, is that I don’t see any mechanism for managing multiple maps.

Our house is two floors, and I would like to develop maps for each floor, so I can carry the robot upstairs and have it perform well, and not lose any mapping and virtual walls I have set up downstairs.

What I’m seeing is, apparently-- if I develop a map downstairs and then run the vacuum upstairs, it assume it is using the downstairs map, and tries to revise it. For best performance, I need to discard the map and let it start from scratch. Not sure if it would do something different on its own if I waited long enough and let it figure it out. The documentation in this regard is rather vague and undeveloped.


At the moment the ability to use multiple maps is not available. There have been comments about that possibly being a future option but at the moment it only uses the one map (although it saves each cleaning record)…

So if I bring my robot vac/charging station to a different level of my home, will it erase the old map and create a new one?

And then when I bring it back, do I need to reclean the whole floor or can I reuse the old map to send to a specific room?

I’m doing the same thing, but before I start on the different floor, I delete the old map. It’s an unfortunate workaround but it works for now.

So on the new floor does it create an entirely new map and not recall the first one?

My experience is that if you don’t discard the old map, it will try to use the old map again. Since you are in a different location, this will confuse the robot, but it will try to discover the new dimensions of the room. Better to just delete the old map and start from scratch.

Also, if you don’t move the robot but do only a partial mapping of the floor and return to the charging station, it will use that partial map when you clean the next time, and will discover additional rooms and try to create a complete map-- which is a good thing.

Oh, and when it has expanded on the old map and made additions, it will prompt you about saving the map. Exactly what I would want it to do. :slight_smile:

We just got ours today. My husband is letting it map our house. It seems to have stopped mapping in a very definite line just past our kitchen, skipping master bedroom, living and dining room. Our house is around 1900 square feet. Should it be able to map everything at once? We’ve closed doors to the kids bedrooms so that also cuts down on the amount of square footage. Thanks in advance.

I had that same experience with the kitchen but don’t know why.

I’ve noticed that during the first mapping it does the house in chunks. But it should go back and map those additional areas. That’s how it did it in my case at least. I thought it was going to miss rooms, but it didn’t.

I’ve noticed the lidar doesn’t like multiple stainless objects. I have to cans I use for garbage and recycling and it’s basically a virtual wall. Please give us maps!!!

You have to … what with the cans? I don’t understand.