Wyze robot Vacuum question about mapping

Loving this robot! And, discovered very quickly that the waste bin feels fast so you gotta keep an eye on that. But I have a question. My house is on two levels. The robot mapped the top level where the charging station is located and when finished it heads back to the charging station. I wanted to do the lower level so I picked it up and took it downstairs and ran it. It mapped over the existing upstairs map however. I don’t know whether or not that’s a problem since I’m so new to this. But I wondered whether it maps every single time it cleans or whether having a stored map facilitates the cleaning in which case taking it downstairs could screw everything up. Any thoughts?


I was wondering about this as well. I have one room upstairs, as well as wondering about using it in my RV.

The robot will always start with the last generated map at this time, but there are plans to add multiple-map capability (multiple floors or locations). I do not know how long until that will be introduced, but in the meantime you probably should “erase map” between floors or locations.