Robot Vacuum multi-level house

What is the process of using the vacuum on a 2 story or multi level house?


Following. Also curious how i manage upstairs vs downstairs cleaning. (buying two is not an acceptable answer :P)

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currently there is NOT a “save floor” function so that you can move it to a different floor and preserve the previous floor. it is however something that is being worked on.

currently you can do a map reset and take it to the new floor, and run it. this will build the map of that floor or room or whatever you are working it on. you can then mark the digital walls to keep it out of certain places if you require that then let it do it’s magic in that new area.

but upon returning it to the previous floor you will have to reset the map again and run it to set everything you had there, up again from scratch.

as I said, it is something that is currently being worked on so I wouldn’t doubt it would be out before too long as that was something that I am told was highly requested in testing. but sadly I do not have a time line on that.


Any chance with this function could be a pause and add rooms? for example I have a step down into my living room which I’d like to map to my first floor. If I could just pause the device and move it down then pause when done and move it back up to complete the floor that would be helpful.

Virtual walls could be used to contain it to the upper area unless I want to place it in that room to clean. That would be very helpful in this situation, I can see how doing a 2nd floor would work different however this is just a step down…

if I am understanding you correctly ( there is an actual step?) at the point the bot is lifted, it will currently clear the map as the robot loses understanding of where it is. this is a known issue and is being address.

but to your other question, there is a pause button but it doesn’t work like you would want. pause would work while you moved something out of it’s way or emptied the dust bin. not fully move the bot.

Following, as we need this feature as well.

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