Robot Vacuum not aligned with charger?

My Robot Vacuum, doesn’t align very well with the charging station. Matter of fact, if I align it with the charging station, it usually only charges a few moments, and then says, “shutting down”. When I go to investigate, the charger is not aligned with the robot vacuum. The vacuum terminals are usually above the charging station terminals. This is really odd, because when I put it on the charger, I make sure it is all aligned. I have done this multiple times, and seems there is an alignment issue with this thing. Apparently the vacuum is to tall for the charger, or the charger is too short for the vacuum. Why the mis-alignment issue?? Anyone else have this problem?


There is an issue with some who have soft thick carpet, where the terminals will not align well. The fix to that is to put a firm thin plastic mat below the vacuum and charger to keep them from misaligning, or just move the whole shebang to a tiled floor.


Our carpet isn’t real thick, but I think that is probably the issue. If I move it… will it recognize the map, from a different location? I asked this before, and was told I would have to remap the floor. I don’t want to mess with that, because my map is all setup nice.

It should and if it can finish a full vacuum and re-dock w/o issues, it should save the new docking location too.

I moved my charging base and put the vacuum in place so it was charging. Then had it clean a room, then it refused to use it at the new location. It would return to the old location. Support told me I had to reset the maps. Not 1 map, maps. I have 2 of these vacuums and I really like them. Seems like a design flaw that the base can’t be moved without erasing the maps. Also seems wrong that each vacuum has a separate list of maps. Seems like they should be able to share the list of maps.

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Must do a full vacuum.

I did a ‘homemade’ fix for this as a test. I put a thin large flat piece of wood (like paneling) under the charger and used sticky tack to stick the charger to it. It is large enough the vacuum can roll up on it, and turn around without it moving it. The charging dock just moves too easy, and has trouble docking/charging.

I’ve been able to get away by have the charger backed-up against something solid. On the berber carpet I prop the back up with its own cord which helps. The other location is a deeper pile carpet and I dig the front into the carpet a bit. I move it between these two spots every week. It has been pretty reliably docking once I figured out what it wanted.

I think you just need to put something behind the charger, like a wall. Other than that, you look good! :+1: