Robot vacuum base at an angle with the wall

I have the base of my robot vacuum backed against a wall, however it seems that the vacuum thinks that the base is at an angle- it shows in the app that the base is not aligned with the wall, and I also observed that when the vacuum is working, it runs the line not straight and perpendicular to the wall, but slight off an angle (so it seems that it’s perpendicular to the base indicated in the app)

Has anyone seen this issue? Any solution?

Check that the front of the charger and vacuum are clean. Maybe something is interfering with the IR used to line up squarely with the dock. Though I’ve not noticed any side effect when mine does that,

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I thoroughly cleaned the entire vacuum and the base, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. When I had it clean one room, it still ran at a slight angle with the wall, and came back to the base afterwards also at a slight angle. Any other thought or suggestion?

This is not a deal breaker, but just a bit of annoyance since I have set up quite a few no-go zones and they supposed to be parallel to the walls. Because of this, the no-go zones are now also at a slight angle, which means the robot would run into some corners inside the no-go zones. I did try to rotate the zones slightly, but it seems that the app doesn’t like just slight angled rotation, and always comes back after I release my fingers from the screen.

Try blowing out the lidar unit on top (if you haven’t done that specifically). I’ve seen mine avoid ghost objects repeatably in the same area. Mine looked clean, but blowing it out solved the issue. Maybe this is similar. Seems odd that the base station would be affecting the overall navigation, so I don’t think it would be that.

I don’t see the issue with the no-go rotation. Try pulling your finger away from the no-go location once you start rotating then make the adjustment before letting go. Or rotate in-excess, let go, then back again to the wanted location.