Wyze Robot Vacuum Map Rotation (again)

I am running the beta firmware for the robotic vacuum. I upgraded to it a while back because of this same issue, hoping it would fix the problem. Alas, the same issue arose yesterday. The vacuum is set on a schedule to automatically run each week (not sure if this plays a factor). I heard it sounding like it was having an issue and upon checking it was stuck under our desk. This is an area where I placed a virtual wall. I pulled up the map, and sure enough, the original had rotated 45 degrees. The virtual walls stay in the same place, thus it gets into areas where it gets stuck. I submitted logs for the incident.

Also please note - I went to submit a support ticket, however the Vacuum is not a product listed that you can report a problem with… The site shows the cameras etc, but not the vacuum.

Same thing happened to mine multiple times but on 1.1 version.

I have what seems to be the same issue.
The below picture shows how the last run of the vacuum had now moved outside of the room boundaries. Along with the blocked areas. This continues to escalate when running the vacuum as it is trying to reach areas it cannot get to. Basically adding insult to injury.

Another note: I have remapped the room twice and the very next run will create this situation.

After setting up the vacuum for the first time, everything worked fine for almost a month. Then the issue started.

I am having this problem as well.

Latest beta firmware fixes it. Sign up for beta and test!

Yes but the beta app has a mobile data leak and uses all my mobile data instead of wifi. This also has been verified.

Soo install the beta firmware and then remove the beta app? It’s the firmware on the unit that fixes the skewing. There’s an explanation of the cause written up in the beta section.

Also what bug? 8 days mine has used 4.5mb of data. Are you talking about camera usage?

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