Wyze Vacuum Map Skewed

Over time, the map of my house gets messed up. Look at the before and after of the right side of my map. I promise you my walls haven’t moved.

I’ve already had to reset the map once. What gives?

when was the last time you did an update? there was a recent update that was said to fix this type of thing. I’ll see if I can find the post and add it to this

Edit: check this out

vaccum update post from Wyze

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I do every update when prompted in the app, but I’ve never loaded beta firmware.

I definitely have a situation where I have a large area rug. One of the reasons I love this vac is that, unlike my old Roomba, this one can actually go onto the rug. And if you watch, it’ll drive straight towards and up onto the rug just fine.

Except, sometimes it can’t? It will literally successfully go onto the rug and then turn back and do figure-eight motions, trying to go back onto the rug at an angle, which again will be successful, but then it will loop back off the rug and keep doing the same thing a few times. It’s truly bizzare.

Maybe this going up/down, as mentioned in the beta firmware notes, is what’s causing that adjoining exterior wall to get off.

You should post a screen of your map after it’s done cleaning so we can see the path. I’m kind of confused by what you’re saying it gets confused when he gets up on the rug LOL

I’m going to guess and say that it shouldn’t happen though :smiley:

Sometimes it does fine:

Other days not so much:

Here’s the spot: