Wyze vacuum map error

My first full run the vacuum successfully mapped out my entire house. On the second run it was doing really well until something happened, now the map shows a “ghost” section of my house which is off by ~180 degrees and the vacuum has no idea how to get back. The initial map took 3.5 hours, I’d prefer not to remap the whole thing. Any way to go back to the previous map without the error?


I have had similar issues after mapping the entire house, splitting out rooms, added virtual walls and then while trying to clean the vacuum gets lost and cannot find its way back to the charging station and winds up dying on the floor somewhere.

update: I am still having problems getting the vacuum to clean without either getting lost and dying because it can’t remember where the charging station is or without the map creating a ghost map over my correct full map with rooms split out, named and virtual walls entered. I do not want to have to redo the map and start this whole process over. Does anyone have any suggestions or fixes or do I just have to blow out everything that I have done and let the vacuum clean the entire house and then split out my rooms, name them, put up the virtual walls all over again!!! Please advise as this is getting to be a pain. I love the vacuum when it works and sticks to the original maps and cleans rooms by choosing them, but not when it does what it is doing now. Please advise,


Having exact same issues. have a ticket open Jan 12th. only one response telling me to factory reset. Which i did, however, it did not solve the issue for me. photos of the Ghost addition to house it created each time i vacuum. basically make this vacuum useless at its current state.

[Wyze Ticket 990491]