Anyone else having issues with their vacuum?

If it’s not one thing it’s another. The actual mechanics and suction ability seem to work well, but that’s where the good stops.

Frequently leaves the designated map, then continues to make a new map next to the old one, which creates obvious problems. Once this occurs my only solution is to end the session and manually lift n return the vacuum. This happens about twenty percent of the runs give or take.
If I pause the vacuum at any point during its session this turns into about 95% chance of going off map.
Does not count internal walls as “walls that I can split into other rooms”.
If I select to clean entire house, there’s a good chance that’ll it’ll choose to ignore room(s) in my house, even though they’re designated rooms in the map.
I have probably had over a dozen different maps, meaning I’ve reset and had a new map created trying to solve issues after each new update.

I’ve had other gripes, but these are the main ones.

If you know any tips to overcome these issues please share!

I almost feel bad complaining about this product, but I guess my expectations were much higher since all other Wyze products have been above expectations. Also, this is my 3rd robot vacuum, so I’m not entirely new to the game.