I'm going to say it: The Wyze Vacuum mapping SUCKS

Not only does it routinely become disoriented and begin mapping an alternate universe version of my home, sometimes it can’t even do the simplest tasks: like clean an open area in a room with wooden floors.
To wit: I have tried THREE TIMES to simply have the vacuum clean this small area in the office in my house, and every time while running the perimeter of the room to determine where it will clean, it seals off an area between two pieces of furniture that is more than wide enough for it to go through. I’m sitting here…looking at the thing just feet away from a small area that needs to be cleaned, but it’s decided that area is a “no go.” You can see the light debris…just sitting there BEGGING to be vacuumed…

C’mon Wyze. At this point, the mapping causes more problems than it solves. I had a “dumb” vacuum that just bounced around the house randomly and it did a better job at finding messes and returning itself to the charger.

I had struggles with mapping. I have redone my map 3 times now. This last time, I did a quick map and it has made a huge difference. I notice that “Alice” gets faster each time she vacuums an area. She gets better at navigating to the area and and back as well as avoiding furniture. I have her scheduled for some daily cleaning and some every other day cleanings. I have found that the scheduled cleanings seem to work the best. Oh, and Alice doesn’t handle dog hair in carpets very well or onion skins. I mention all this to say, don’t give up and make sure to let her complete an area, even if she is making you crazy while doing it (like when she got caught on the base of stand fan and acted like it was a merry go round). She learns each time. Good Luck!

I have remapped (including quick mapping) my home several times. Usually because the original map - which was correct, gets hashed on subsequent runs.
The thing just gets confused and loses its place - on its own. I haven’t reoriented the charger or picked it up and put it down in a different place.
It’s just buggy.