Robot Vacuum – map glitched

Today’s house-cleaning by Robbie disappointed us. He had been using a perfectly good map for a some weeks, but today got into disagreements with a couple of small area rugs and proceeded to distort the map to an unusable state. I submitted logs from the (beta) app, was given #338799. But I can’t seem to figure out how to submit images of the maps (before, after, new) so the engineers can maybe learn from them. How do I put images here?
it does seem unwieldy that Robbie can push additional copies of some walls onto the map in his frustration. Can’t we lock-in good maps of the walls?
Also it would be very helpful to be able to re-use a good formerly used map, e.g., from “Cleaning History”.

Yes have same problem submitted report with pic and video, no response.

Guessing map looks similar as in the overlay,

Save the image to your photo album on your phone.
submit thru submitting a log.

The distortion of map happened to me once when the wheel was slipping because it was dragging something.

Thanks for the replies, both of you! I don’t feel alone.
Wyze log number is 338799
Images of 3 maps are on dropbox –
Dropbox - File Deleted
Map1 was previous good operation
Map2 was botched map due to entailing with area rugs (usually had done OK there). Notice it added new walls …
Map3 was after a spot cleaning preceded by a new mapping run. Note the crazy angled and jagged walls in the middle compared with Map1 …
It would be so nice to be able to click on “lock these walls” …

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I suspect your vacuum may be defective.

Don’t think a defective vacuum would work properly on one floor all the time and occasionally error on floor number 2. Will work properly if left off when changing floor for approximately 20 minutes

At least yours will map. My brand new one gets onto the stretched and held down area rug, and it thinks it’s in quicksand or something.

Wyze robot vacuums can’t make it across a stretched area rug

And then when I give up on trying to have it map the room and send it back to the charger, then it gets lost.

Wyze robot vacuum gets lost when trying to go back to charger after getting stuck on a stretched area rug

Wow, that black and white random pattern must really warp the poor little thing’s ‘mind’!
I have observed peculiar reaction on a long oriental runner down a hallway. Most of the time I pull that up and set it aside to avoid the issue.
Some people have tried taping over the downward looking edge sensor which seems confused by irregular black patterns. You can search for that on these forums.

The good news from here is that, after twice trying a re-map and getting jaggy angled walls down the center cabinet rank, I returned to the original map for a full-house run – and it went perfectly, the extra extended walls had disappeared!! So now I am happy again.
Map shown at (Dropbox - File Deleted).

Vacuum at night, just in case you wanted to see

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