Wyze robot vacuum help

Hey folks I recently received my new robot vacuum and I’m having some trouble with it. When I instruct it to return to the charger it just knocks it over. Also, it is having trouble charging because the metal contacts need to be pushed in in order for it to charge. Is there a way to weigh the charge down, or some tips and tricks you all could give me?

What type of surface is the charge on? do you have it against a wall?

It is on carpet, and it is against the wall but I can’t get it flush on the wall due to our base boards

I also encountered the same problem, which may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The equipment is not fully in contact with the charging level plate of the charging pile

  2. Charging pile is not connected to power supply

  3. Check whether the original power adapter is used

People with carpet have reported several possible solutions: 1) move the base to a place with hard floor (laundry room?) 2) tape something same thickness as the baseboard near the back top of the charging base so it won’t tilt back and 3) put a hard floor mat under the charging base.

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