Robot Vacuum Docking Problem

I have seen a few posts on this problem, and no real answers from Wyze. Support so far has been no help. The vacuum has no problems locating and making its way to the charging station. This is a brand new vacuum and very clean. The charging station is all the way flat against the wall.

It does its thing where it approaches, spins around, and backs up. It always ends up a little off center, but can still make contact with both electrodes. It makes contact, then decides it isn’t happy and moves away to try again. Sometimes it will even update the status in the app to “charging”, but still moves away. It will do this repeatedly until the battery runs down.

Here is a video:

I have tried altering the angle of the charging station by placing a piece of cardboard behind it, no change in behavior. The only thing that helps is to give it a little nudge by applying a couple ounces pressure to push it to the charging station as it makes contact, and holding it a couple seconds. Then it will decide that it is happy.

Does anyone else have this problem and know how to deal with it?

your link gives an error…cant see the video.

doo you have the station on carpet by chance?

Same here.

Don’t know why the video is not working. Yes it is on carpet.

Same problem with my vacuum when charge station is on a carpet. I tried everything with the only good solution being a thin board where the charging station is. The vacuum easily gets on the board, turns around, and then backs up to the charger with no problems. But mine is mostly hidden under a table so the board is not a problem. Carpets are a known problem for the charger maneuver - vacuum seems to dig down as it makes the final backup and missed the charger contacts. Maybe finding some way to get the charger to sink lower into the carpet would help (like some weight on top)? My board is 12" x 17" and 1/8" thick. 12" side is against the wall.

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Yep more than likely the carpet is the reason for your issues. I had the same issues at first. Since moving it into my laundry room on a tile floor I’ve not had any issues at all. You could always put it on a floor mat or a piece of wood but sadly the structural instability of a carpet makes it very hard to have stability for the dock and charging points

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Thanks for the replies. I ended up using a piece of rubber flooring to make a little home base mat for the vacuum. Now it has no problems docking with the charger. It is odd that tech support does not seem to know about this problem. They had nothing helpful to suggest.


Glad you were able to solve the issue. Now you can finally enjoy it

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