Robot vacuum mapping? Moving the charger?

I’m new to the Robot Vacuum world. I picked one of these up, and mapped the room, but it was incomplete, but saved. I moved the charger, and then mapped it again. It finished and said it saved, however, when I went to vacuum, the map was still the old one. It is a very large room. So my question is: if I move the charger to a new location in the same room, do I need to delete the old map, and remap the room?

I think you will have to delete the map and run Quick Mapping again when making any changes.

Thanks for that info. I was hoping if it was in the same room, it would just quickly recognize the pattern, and figure out where it is located on the map. Seems simple enough from a programming aspect.

Relocating the charging base is possible, I’ve done it a few times.