My robot vacuum is confused on start nearly every single time

My robot vacuum has had the same map for a while. Almost every time I select a room for it to clean, it begins it’s process and then on the map moves itself and the charging station to impossible places . The solution I use is stopping it and telling it to return to charge. Once it is told to return to charge it does a little spin to figure out where it is and then the map, the charger location, and the vacuum location all update to the correct state. THEN, I stop it from returning and tell it to go clean the place I originally told it to. Is something wrong with my vacuum?

Hi @elyk786
If you have not done so I would suggest remapping using the quick map function. Dependg on when the last time you mapped there more thank likely have been some App and Firmware updates in that timeframe.

I personally like to do a remap after Firmware updates, not required by any means, but just a general maintenance approach I like to take.

I understand that this could be somewhat cumbersome if you have a lot of room splits and no-go areas applied but I have had very little issue with my Wyze Robot Vacuum with this approach.


I’ve definitely remapped since the quick mapping update and the last firmware update was April of last year. I can do another mapping I guess but I don’t see how a new map would change how it handles start up when the map works fine after the process I give in the original post. Anyway, I’ll give it a try.

Ok I did a remap, it never created rooms. I started trying to clean and it erased the map. I told it to stop and go home. Now I have no map… I guess I’ll quick map again.

Please submit a log as well. This happened to me in the past and after I did a quick map, the original one came back.

However, I still had some issues and powering off the vacuum for about 1 minute and then powering it on allowed it to connect to the router again cleared some issues up. Then I did a reboot of my router and access points, and now my issues have gone away, So you may want to try that as well.

My router is only a few weeks old so I very recently reconnected it and it has never had any issues connecting. I’m on my 3rd remap of the day as 2 of them gave really wonky results. Hopefully this one will work…

One example after the first remap it was getting weird on my sliding glass window and I told it to clean the whole green area. It decided it was done.

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Do you have Mirrors or a lot of windows which goes to the floor? This could interfere with the map and vacuum function.

Can you provide the following as it will help Wyze in determining what the issues is:

  • Vacuum Firmware Version
  • App Version and what Device you are using
  • Submit a Log for the Vacuum and provide it here
  • Open a Ticket, if possible and provide it here

@WyzeBaohua @WyzeHongfei , seems like @elyk786 is having issues with the Vacuum. Wanted to alert you to this as it is similar to what I experienced in the recent past.


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I have 1 sliding glass door. No mirrors. FW and App should be up to date:

edit: to add I have close the blinds on the slider to prevent a problem with it.

Can you submit a log for Wyze to look at?

I can. I think I have a valid remap now so if the problem comes up again I’ll submit the log.


@elyk786, Sorry you had to do a number of remaps.

Thanks for jumping in @spamoni4!

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Thank you for letting us know. @WyzeHongfei Could you please check the issue that @elyk786 posted? Thanks!

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Ok so far, after finally getting a good map, it does not seem to have the confusion it was experiencing. It seems odd that it would happen but I’ll keep an eye on it and if it acts up again I’ll submit a log.

I’ll add I also used the trick of closing off a circular route in my house and it makes the rooms so much easier to manage. A real fix for that would be amazing.

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Ok, it’s happening again. I have submitted a log. The map starts in the right place but after it starts moving, it jumps into the master bedroom on the map. Had to stop, tell it to return, it sorted itself out, I stopped the return, then had it go to clean the originally selected room.

Log ID: 470050