New Wyze Robot Vacuum deleting map every time it cleans

Just received our second robot vacuum. Updated the firmware and did a quick map. Plugged in 3 no go zones and told it to clean. It deleted the map and no go zones and created a new map. Ok whatever. I added the no go zones again and saved. Next time it cleaned, it started from scratch again. Very frustrating as it get stuck in the areas I’m trying to keep it out of. Never had this issue with the other vacuum we have running upstairs. Suggestions?

I have never had that happen, but you could try deleting the app cache, or uninstalling/reinstalling the Wyze app, or deleting the vacuum and try re-adding it. Keep me posted!

Are you using the latest v1.6.113 firmware and v2.19 app? If yes, maybe you could go to the vacuum’s home screen → Edit → customize room to check if the vacuum really saved the map.