No-Go Zones won't save or delete

I started having issues with my robot vacuum on Saturday. See below:


  • Vacuum starts scheduled run. Stops after a few minutes saying cleaning completed.
  • Go into Wyze app vacuum and see a random no-go zone is there that blocks the vacuum from going anywhere really.
  • Delete zone and save.
  • Exit vacuum to main wyze app.
  • Go back into Wyze app and zone is back?
  • Repeat process and zones I create or delete revert back when I go back into vacuum.
  • Verify firmware and app are fully updated


  • Call support. They don’t have any recommendations beyond factory reset.
  • Perform factory reset and remap floor
  • Set No-Go Zones and same behavior exists. I can create a zone and save, but when I leave vacuum screen and come back it’s gone.

Right now I basically have a dumb vacuum as I can’t tell it where not to go. I replaced my iRobot for this reason.

Everything was working great for a few weeks until this Saturday. App version and vacuum firmware are the same they have been.

The app is a new version as of 11/14. Could this be a bug?

App version
Firmware 1.6.202
Android 13 TP1A.221105.002

Try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, then log out and back in to the app

Cache was also cleared during troubleshooting process.

Submitted log and screen capture of issue 824035.

Please contact support and pass the log number to them. Thanks!

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Did you get it fixed? I’m having the same problem, just started today? Everything worked fine for a week?

Mine is still doing it. I just work around it by making a change and waiting for next run to happen.

They keep asking for logs and I send them in. No feedback, so are they working on it or just asking for logs?

I know Walmart sold a bunch of these Christmas 2022 so I’m thinking their server is overloaded? Or it’s a software fix, If it is software I’m sure in time it will be corrected…?..?

Does anyone know where the maps and changes are stored? Phone? cloud? server?

I was having this issue as well. I think i may have figured it out though. I had the vac on the charging station, then went into the app (ios) and deleted those pesky zones that wouldn’t go away. THEN before exiting the map, i started a new clean cycle right after deleting the no-go zones, then canceled the clean right away. The robot didn’t even leave the charger. This seemed to permanently do the trick for me. I was able to close the app, wait a few hours, and reopen it and the zones are officially gone. Hopefully they stay away. I’ve learned my lesson with the zone issue tho, lol


Thanks, I’ll try it.

That’s it. This works. Pretty dump but seems it has to start cleaning cycle to save area changes