ROBOT VAC - Bug - Can't reliably delete no-go zones

Create a no-go zone, save and…it’s there.
Go back and delete the no-go zone, it’s usually gone initially, but reappears after closing and re-opening the vac, or restarting the app.
The only reliable way I found to delete a no-go zone was on a vac with multiple floors setup…
Once you delete, change to another floor, and then reload the original floor. No-go zone should then be gone for good.

Vac Firmware 1.6.173 as well as 1.6.202
Android App v2.32.0 (154)
Android 10 and 12 tested.

Not having that issues on my iPhone. Try cleaning app cache in Account > App Settings

Yeah, tried clearing cache already, didn’t help.

Next step is try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

Tried un/re-installing the app on Android 10 and made no difference, other than now I can’t even add new no-go zones at all (on either Android 10 or 12). My maps are pretty old though…wondering if I’ll have to delete everything and create new maps. Really trying to avoid that though as I have them tweaked pretty well.

Any Android users having this no-go issue too?

Ran into a similar issue yesterday. Existing map that I had spent a good bit of time tweaking. I added a no-go zone without issue. Then tried to modify or add additional no-go zones and while everything appeared to work, when I exited the app and went back in the changes were not saved. Contacted support and after trying a couple of things was finally told I’d need to factory reset the unit and thus lose my map. There’s got to be a solution to saving or archiving a map so it doesn’t have to be recreated from scratch.

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Shortly after my initial post, some of my vacs started creating new maps on their own each day. Not sure if Wyze somehow pushed this change, or if an app update caused it, but I ended up deleting all maps and starting over recently and the problems seem to have gone away. I didn’t factory reset anything, just deleted all maps, but that seemed to fix it.