Adding new areas to map?


I was hoping someone could tell me if this was possible or not (or being worked on for a future update).

I just got my vacuum the other day and I ran it and mapped the house with all of the bedroom doors closed (my kids were napping by the time it charged and I started the first clean to map).

My question is, can I now map those rooms without having to map/vacuum the whole house again? Total first world problem, I know, but our downstairs with the bedrooms is ~3,000sq ft and it already takes the need for a charge just cleaning the common areas, about 1130sqft (kitchen, dining, family, living) and 2.5 hours. If I remap and vacuum the whole house it will probably need to do two charges and 4+ hours (not including charges).

I guess I just wish I could tell it to go clean an area nearby and “look” for new rooms and give it permission to go in and map it. LoL When it was running earlier in their hallway, it “saw” their rooms but obviously didn’t go in because it wasn’t within it’s requested cleaning zone.

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Yes, you can. Just setup virtual walls to keep the vacuum from going into the areas already mapped, then hit the clean button for it to clean the entire house. *Note: don’t block the path of the vacuum to get to the unmapped areas with your virtual walls. It will try to clean the whole house, but will bypass the areas you have blocked. When it gets to the unmapped areas it will go into those rooms and clean them. Once it has cleaned the entire available space it will let you know that the map has changed. You can then save the new map. This will likely disrupt the names you have placed on the various rooms, but you can simply rename them. You may need to merge or split rooms again once it has the whole house mapped.


I love the out of the box thinking!! Thank you! I will try this.

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Worked like a charm! Thank you again! One side of rooms done. Now I need to do the other side of the house.

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I just tried this on my own tonight and it worked! I came to the forum to help more people but it looks like you already shared. I wish I would have seen this a few days ago. I had been putting up physical barriers to get it to add new rooms but it started creating new walls. Thanks for sharing!

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