Vacuum not cleaning newly available areas

I’m having issues with the vacuum not cleaning areas of floor that were covered during initial mapping, but are now clear. I just moved so there are tons of boxes around the house and when a box is emptied and removed the vacuum is not cleaning the newly uncovered floor. I feel like in the past the vacuum would spot new areas that it could access and clean them without needing to do a complete remap. In my old house, I distinctly remember lifting a bed skirt so the vacuum could “see” under a bed that it had never been under before and it went under and cleaned as soon as it saw it. Now it won’t do that. It will map the area under the bed, but never actually go under the bed to clean it. Not sure if a firmware update changed this, but I don’t want to have to remap every time 2 sq ft of floor is uncovered. Is this a known issue and is a fix in the works?

I’m having a similar issue (not due to moving). Any new thoughts?

Normally you need to do a full vacuum for it navigate into new areas and to save map changes (if it successfully re-docks). You can use temporary no-go zones to limit the amount of work so it can get those changes quick (you don’t want to exhaust the battery).

That did it. Really appreciate the tip to use temporary no-go zones!