Robot vacuum won’t add rooms

After the initial run on the robot vacuum there is slender section behind a bed and a room behind a closed door that wasn’t mapped. I can’t find a way to add these sections. Help is appreciated.

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To my knowledge the only way currently to add these rooms is to provide physical access by opening doors, clearing obstacles to access, etc. and resetting the map. Then run again to create a new map.


Thanks. Well that stinks! Needs to be on the top of the feature wish list.

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I sent this suggestion in a while ago too. For areas of my office where we move furniture or have the fold out walls, the vacuum has no idea what to do about it.

Things like this are one of the main reasons in beta there is currently a map only feature where the vacuum isn’t running it is just running the outer perimeter wall and doing a map only of every room I can. it works much quicker and uses only a few percentage points of the battery. it’s far easier to update the map using this. I noticed you aren’t in beta but I wanted to mention it anyway so as to give you hope for a quicker feature in how to map In such instances

Bam makes a good point about the new quick mapping feature but it also has the drawback of being less accurate. I’ve done the quick mapping several times and each time, there is an area of the office the vacuum misses. We really need the ability to start an area remap or something similar.

I lost count of how many times I reset the map and started from scratch but I have a solid map now and I’m holding it tight! It took a lot of time over several days to get it done well.

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