Mapping Smarts

How smart is the mapping feature…does it re-map/add/delete?

  1. 1st time it used it, I purposely left the chairs around a table. It mapped the chairs legs and was not able to clean under the table. If I remove the chairs, will the vac be smart enough to go under the table because the lidar won’t sense the chairs? Or will it think that the path would sti be obstructed?

  2. Similar as above. But I closed the door to the bedroom. If I leave it open next time, will the vacuum enter the room? If not, how will it map it? Do I need to reset the map?

  3. If I add a new “obstacle” will it added to the map?

  4. Map editor in today’s update. How can I square off a room (bottom right). I can only make a line from the side borders to merge or split. Can’t make a line from the middle. See photo.

The vacuum should re-map the area to add or remove obstacles where needed according to this support article:

I tested this and the vacuum seemed to “explore” and map the room where the door was open, but if the door is closed the next time it cleans, it will change the map as if the room isn’t there.

From what it looks like, you may not be able to. I had the same issue with the map editor thinking a wall was furniture/obstacles. Anyone else with a robot vacuum experiencing this?

Auto-map certainly does not work. I had to remap for the robot vac to notice the change.

Splitting room can be done only from points on external edges. Internal or virtual walls cannot be used. Support acts as if this issue is only for me, ask me to do several troubleshooting steps (which is basically following help articles to reset device, remap and try splitting - finally submit logs for it). They finally close the ticket without telling you anything.