Add a room to robot vacuum?

On my first clean with new Wyze Vacuum it mapped out the kitchen and dining room. I’d now like map the entire floor which includes two bedrooms. (I had their doors closed for the first try. How do I add the two rooms to my map? Do I have to re-do the whole mapping process?

I assume I would need to clear the current map and do a quick map?

Other than the above question I’m pleased wit the machine. It’s fun to watch it in action, although I suspect the thrill will wear off.

It’s been awhile since I’ve mapped, but… I believe you should be able to open the doors while doing a cleaning and the LiDAR will pick up the additional space and add it to your map

If not you could do a quick map with the doors open.


Yea you can add a room by allowing it to clean and discover the room, but only if you do a full clean. If you do a room clean it will not save the new map. Kinda annoying