Robot Vacuum: Add Rooms to Current Cleaning Job

Please give us the ability to add on another room/area to clean once a cleaning job is underway.

I have my house divided into seven “rooms” in the app. I tell the vacuum to start a cleaning job with two rooms selected. The vacuum goes off on its merry way and starts cleaning the rooms I told it to. While it’s still cleaning, I want to tell it to clean a third (or fourth/fifth/sixth/seventh) room. The app doesn’t allow me to select another room or rooms at that point. I have to wait for the vacuum to finish it’s current job, and then have it go back out to clean the others. Unless I’m missing something.

I’ve tried pausing the current job and trying to edit the selected rooms but it doesn’t work.

I noticed that the latest update for the Wyze iOS app included the line:

Enabled room selection when idle and disabled room selection when cleaning for Wyze Robot Vacuum

I thought that would do what I’m asking, but it didn’t. I even reset my entire house map and recreated. It’s still not allowing me to pause the current cleaning job and select more rooms.

This seems like an easy enough change to add. Wondering why this is now “probably not.”